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  1. Hello everyone, joined the forum just now so I could post this. My dad has had a Saiga-12 in factory condition sitting around for a couple of years...finally going to get around to helping him do the conversion. It functions well enough, but the factory configuration just feels so...wrong...compared with a proper Kalashnikov layout. We know the basic parts we'll be using for the conversion...a CCS trigger guard, the Tromix trigger group, a K-var NATO length AK-74 style stock, and a spare pistol grip I have left over from my WASR-10 conversion. That said, there are a few other parts I saw while browsing that look like they may be worth considering...now or in the near future. I'd like some feedback from other users on them, before we make up our minds. JTE Performance Power Hammer Spring Does it noticeably smooth out the trigger pull compared with the stock spring? Is it worth bothering with? DPH Arms or MD Arms Improved Gas Plug These both come in at $25.00...can anyone comment on which is better overall? I'm guessing it would help with birdshot...we had some failures to cycle with birdshot. CSS Performance Puc or MD Arms "Booster Puc" Again, should I bother with upgrading to one of these? Which is better overall for average use? Drum Magazines I've heard that MD Arms are the only really reliable drums for the Saiga-12, but how are the current ProMag 12 rounders? We're also going to dress it up a bit with a new forearm (S12-FOREARM-KVAR) and the slotted barrel shroud (SHROUD#1-VENTS), but those can be done pretty much anytime we choose. That should pretty much complete the conversion.