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  1. Schwag

    S20 10 Round Steel Prototypes

    Whats the estimated cost of these magazines? Gotta start putting cash back now lol
  2. Schwag

    S20 10 Round Steel Prototypes

    No doubt. Awesome, thanks for the reply.
  3. Are these magazines still planned to be put into production? I like your 8s, but would love to have a 10 shell rock solid steel magazine for the S20 (and probably some others feel this way too). If its not going to be produced I'll just get one of the 8s to add to the collection of polymer 13s. Your original post in the S20 subforum: http://forum.saiga-1...zine-prototype/
  4. Yep had an issue with one of the rivets myself. Man, I had to take a dental pick to hold that damn spring on the bho while fooling with the axis pin. Tapped the gas block off of mine yesterday and went to .093 on the gas ports(they were about .060 on a good day), enlarged the gas block where the ports reside, profiled the hammer and it runs like a champ. Good to see its successful. Once its converted right, you'll never look back. Take it out and do this to it: http://www29.zippysh...62855/file.html its not spam, its a video of me. Did this today, in the middle of nowhere BFE 2 hours away from where I reside with my buddies lol. My Oris automatic watch probably hates me after today. Was using Winchester 2.75" AA Super sport 1300FPS 7/8oz. loads. (wouldn't run these at all before drilling, hell the gun would barely run slugs after conversion) Like 6 bucks a box at the local wallyworld. It still hates the Winchester universal (will cycle sometimes). Haven't tried the Federal. So if it doesn't cycle post conversion, take a look at that, drilliing did wonders and the BC isn't destroying my rear trunnion by overgassing it....but all these damn shotguns are different.
  5. The rear trigger guard bolt was catching on the trigger where the 2 ends of the hammer spring sit and it was causing it not to reset all the way. Once it was flipped, totally smooth, and yes the 13 shell magazines work great in my saiga and are a hell of a lot of fun. Only had a few problems, but a tiny dab of lithium grease on the follower fixed it. Those 8 rounders are solid, they are next on my buy list. I didnt even have a vice and it took me around 3 hours give or take because of the paint drying outside (it was like 80 out). I just took my old organic chem book (lol) and wedged it up under the front to drill the bottom rivets out and laid it flat on the book to drill out the 2 sides. Took my dremel and cut out the PG nut hole identical to a Kalashnikov receiver flat picture online. You'll be glad you spent the money and the time to restore it Mr. Kalashnikov's original design.
  6. I followed the CSS videos to convert mine (I got the CSS kit as well with the SAW grip), no big deal except for 2 broken drill bits and the little bolts that come with the trigger guard are too big to actually mount inside the receiver because it would hang up on the tapco fcg.. The front one is fine, the rear trigger guard bolt is the one that hangs up. (may just be my saiga, but worth looking at). I flipped it around and hid the bolt by spray painting it and tucking it up in the pistol grip groove. The plate that CSS gives you in the kit is much nicer than the axis pin retainer spring. It went pretty much the same way as the 12, the hardest part was putting the BHO back in cause of that damn spring and trying to figure out what was messing up the trigger. I don't have one of those 8 rounders, but 2 of those 13 rounders are nice playtoys.
  7. Schwag

    Saiga-20 Picture Thread

    First post, Just finished up PG converting it. Its a bad picture. Colored in the F/S and the "saiga-20" in Cyrillic on the other side. Got one of those clear 13 shell magazines on the way. I was on the fence about the 8 and 13. Still probably get the 8 sometime. Gonna see what kind of fun I can have with it. I tried to keep it clean looking without 9 million attachments. Shoots great so far, snagged it used for 375. Polished up the receiver rails and such, probably going to do the bolt carrier and bolt sometime this week. Edit: better picture