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  1. After looking at mags. it would cost me near $40 to buy a Surefire with shipping. so i just bought a bullet guide and im going to install it. thanks everyone for the input.
  2. Decided to go with the Tapco. Going to college so I dont want to spend too much. I will probably convert to full ak when I'm done with school.
  3. Hello I Am looking for cheap mags that will work well with my 7.62. I would like to know good company's. I know I'm going to get Alot of convert freaks, so also how much would it cost to get a bullet guide installed by a gunsmith?
  4. Hello, I am looking into getting the Tapco Intrafuse buttstock and handgaurd for my 7.62. I wanted to know other peoples opinions about the stock or other options in the same price range. http://tapco.com/pro...d&productId=161 http://tapco.com/pro...d&productId=157
  5. Hey im thinking about buying one for my 7.62. How are you liking the new stock?
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