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  1. No, it's not anything like bliss, and I don't think it's ignorance so much as laziness. Git-R-Done. I have my reasons at the moment, and laziness is definitely not one of them.
  2. Ultimate Arms Gear (UAG). I personally don't mind the feel of it as-is... But as others have noted, I may like the converted FCG much more. The question I have to ask myself is, "is ignorance bliss?" in this regard.
  3. This. Just make sure you use the die alignment tool if you can.
  4. First, not all Saiga's have threaded barrels. Mine "appeared" threaded to me until I got my front sight post off, and then I was disappointed to find out otherwise. Second, good job so far using the pipe-cutter. I would suggest, if you have a very steady hand, to use a dremel or similar high-speed mini-cutter with a wheel to cut longitudally down the side of what you have left. You do not need to cut all the way through (and I advise that you do not). Just get close, and keep trying to work it back and forth with pliers or other said tool. Take a little more off when needed. If you do have
  5. I just realized I misspoke in my previous post. Sometimes I type faster than I should... I replaced the gas piston with a Tapco piston (not the gas tube as previously posted). It was over a year ago (ordered it from Amazon and swapped the same day it showed up) and I had a brain-fart while typing. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't know about the Red Star retainer plate... good info and ty! As a few others have said, I also (mostly) like the factory Saiga forend. I would have liked it a bit taller vertically (I have big hands) but I like the length of it. Thanks to everyone else for the
  6. then don't, there is no hard rule that you have to do the FCG conversion. just because some do, and are trying to convince you to do it, that isn't a reason to sell it off, like I stated, doing things by consensus is never the way to go. Thanks for the encouragement. It is appreciated. And to all others, I appreciate all of your input. I'm just banging my head against the wall on where to go with it. Personally, I don't mind the current placement of the FCG. Granted, pulling the receiver off, the wire-wrapped double-wishboned-whatever-it-is mechanism is not pretty. But
  7. Well thanks for the input to everyone. Although at this point, I'm starting to regret asking the question. Might see it in the for-sale forum soon with all the goodies and ammo to go with it. I'm just not going to go the "extra mile" and modify the FCG at this point. If someone else wants to, fair enough.
  8. True, not a full conversion. FCG remains the same, etc. A few internals have been swapped (gas tube, etc) to keep it legit. Just wondering on appearance what opinions are. I would suggest you read up in the 922 section before you do anything else, then I would suggest you finish restoring the rifle. As it sits now, it is 922 compliant.
  9. For the most part I agree with you Matthew. In this specific case it is an exception. Anyone that handles any normal configured AK will prefer that to one that has one of these tapco "conversion" stocks. Putting the pistol grip two inches further back of the receiver does not help handling of the rifle. Unless you're Manute Bol I don't see making the rifle longer than the normal config a benefit for you. Ordnance, The guy in the background has a very basic converted Saiga. Yours would be very close to his if you did the true FCG conversion. In that config the rifle held u
  10. True, not a full conversion. FCG remains the same, etc. A few internals have been swapped (gas tube, etc) to keep it legit. Just wondering on appearance what opinions are.
  11. I agree with others. If you bought it on the cheap a few years ago, then there is positive value there. If you bought it in the last 18 months, chances are you paid more, and breaking even on "value" would be more realistic. If you plan on keeping it, then it all is up to you on what you are personally comfortable with, how much you care about how far you take it.
  12. Kind of hard to "prep" when you are locked in a cage. Idiot should have kept himself away from the cameras.
  13. I found a half-cage A2-stlye 14x1 brake on Ebay that worked nicely. Everything vents up and to the sides, nothing to the bottom to keep the rifle planted straight.
  14. Here's my converted 7.62. Should I leave it alone or just enjoy the beast the way it is?
  15. Good to hear. Now if Iowa would get on board...
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