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  1. So I've just got a real oddity then. Well, I wish I knew a good value on it, I believe I spent a hair over $1100 for it. I finally took it out today and it was a ton of fun, cycled everything on setting 1, except Winchester white box, but setting 2 fixed that. Definitely need to pick up one of those GP recoil pads.
  2. I was figuring it was barrel length, because it measures out to about about 18 1/3 inches.
  3. I can't find any evidence of it being a conversion, no BHO cut in the receiver, proper riveting on rear trunnion, front receiver is marked "18,3", so it's got to be a factory installed barrel. I don't really know much about Saiga shotguns, but it was either a perfect conversion, or I guess just an odd factory configuration.
  4. Hey guys, I've got this Saiga 12C that I've no idea what kind of value it holds given the import sanctions, availability, yadda yadda. Anyway, it's a factory folder, and from I could gather, most(if not all) were imported for LEO use, however mine lacks the LEO stamp on the left side of the trunnion(I think it was milled off). I've got a few factory 5 round mags for it, and it's in overall great shape; some finish wear in a couple small spots, but the inside looks like it was just hand cycled, I can't find any evidence of it being fired. Is not threaded for a choke, and has the 18'' barrel. I'
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