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  1. Sorry folks, I've been quite busy the past two days and haven't gotten a chance to finish the next post. However I've been working on it and it's almost finished, I might get around to finishing and posting it tonight, if not I'll definitely post it tomorrow. The post covers the removal of the Saiga (dimpled and pinned versions) front sight block, and gas block; with or without the use of a hydraulic press. Included is which FSB, GB, gas tube, and HGR will fit and which ones I used. Also I go over where and how to make the retaining notch for the hand guard retainer. The next post after r
  2. I believe (don't quote me on this) the design consists of a handle welded / pinned to the portion of gas piston located in the gas tube. Then a slot is machined out for the handle. The slot is closely machined to the handle as to not let out much gas. As we all know not much gas is needed to cycle.
  3. Okay let me create a little logic here. If you add up the time it has taken to post all these posts you could have removed the FCG at least 20x, and that number is generous. It takes less than sixty seconds to remove all the FCG and sixty seconds to reinstall. Normally the selector should only require removal of the dust cover and spring assembly on a semi-auto, maybe a little trigger manipulation but if it doesn't then just remove everything. Sorry if this post came off as offensive, that wasn't my intentions. It just seemed odd why no one brought this point up.
  4. If the scope is not aligned perfectly (like most ak style mounts then it might not lone up correctly at certain distances. What type of mount are you using? There are two main POSP models, the first for the SVD which shoots 7.62x54r and finally the AK's in 7.62x39 and 5.45x39. This could be a factor in adjustment issues you are experiencing. Last thing which personally I would try first is checking your mount and if you can adjust elevation via the connection to the mount, and if it's possible to adjust it by that.
  5. Wood is beautiful, if you're into aesthetics then go for wood. If you're more of a utilitarian then plastic is what you should have; lighter, and will stand up to more abuse than wood.
  6. Me too. To bad I had to sell all of them and buy 5rd magazines that if I could find them were $30 at the local gun shop because of the new gun laws in my state. And everyone thought they were restrictive before...
  7. Stock Trigger Group/Magazine Catch removal: Stuff you gotta get/buy: -AK FCG, which consists of a retaining plate, hammer, trigger, disconnector and spring. (I bought the Tapco G2 single hook kit) -Trigger guard. (I bought a used Bulgarian AK-74 guard that came with a mag catch pin and 5 rivets to installation. I saved and reused the stock mag catch with spring, and stop plate). -Pistol grip and stock. (My stock and grip are from Kvar) Let's get err done. First the removal of stock trigger group which is pretty straight forward. I didn't document or take any pictures whilst doing this
  8. Let’s begin; this is the list of what I actually ended up doing in my rifle conversion. The list is the order of what procedures I’ll post from start to last. Receiver: -Complete tear down of the rifle including internals. -Removal of stock trigger group. -Drill out rivet heads and remove stock trigger guard and rear tang. (Note: The next logical step would be to weld or fill in the holes where the rivets were in the receiver. Then rivet on an ak-74 trigger guard and install the new trigger group. Yet I didn’t do it in this order because my original plan was to do a quick and dirty conversion
  9. INTRO: For those who didn’t catch my mega thread (tutorial) about me converting my stock Saiga last year, here's a quick recap. (Scene fades to the past)… I had just purchased my first Saiga ever in 7.62x39 complete with the infamous yet horrendous “Velcro mark”. As soon as I got that baby home I could see the graceful beauty lying underneath its grotesque hunting style furniture. AK’s are considered the ugly sister that one hypothetically would keep in the basement when guests came over, then let out to clean after the guests had left. It seems the majority find these guns to be downright u
  10. If you do replace it with a 100 series bolt carrier/piston or a 74'.
  11. The bulgarian/russian ak 74 fsb will fit but they do vary a little. On a couple of builds I had to sand down the ID of the new fsb to get it to fit even with a shop press.
  12. I am looking for a ak 74 receiver I do see that NoDak has new stock in but before going through them I was gonna see if anyone had any sitting around that they would like to get rid of. I am looking for a fix stock receiever but if you have another one let me know also. Please Pm you can also reply but I would be more likely to see it if it is a PM.
  13. I just wanted to say I am starting a Bulgarian ak 74 build to be located in the other ak forum. Look out for it.
  14. Hammer or press. Either will work if the tolerances are within .002in with each other. If not you could always polish the barrel journal like I did with some 600-800 grit wet or dry. I would highly recommend going and getting a 74' FSB with 24x1.5mm threads. Real 74' style brakes are much better than trapco's slant brakes.
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