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  1. Here's a new video of my Bullpup S12 with my sights and grip: http://youtu.be/KXmDpAslbDk Enjoy!
  2. Thanks for your feedback, Pro2A! The best advice I can give you is to just start searching the forums as there's a good chance all of your questions have been answered before. The first step would be to familiarize yourself with your shotgun inside and out. Read your instruction manual, read up on all of the information you can find and study pictures and videos. Theoretically, you could be able to run any ammunition you want provided you've adjusted your gas plug for the correct type of ammunition. High and Low Brass refer to how far the brass extends along the side of the shell:
  3. Thanks, Bigchris! I've received my flip-up sights and fore-grip, and will post some additional pictures later this week!
  4. I had a chance to do a little shooting last night, so here's a video showing it in action: Keep in mind that I'm a lefty, so I'm still getting used to shooting right handed . My goal for this video was just to get something out there as I'm not aware of any other shooting demonstrations featuring this stock. The ones Center Balanced Systems put out previously were for the S12 Standard stock. The only other video with the Spike Base stock that I'm aware of is the CBRPS put out. I think it handles pretty well for the weight, and the recoil isn't bad, though in fairness, I'm
  5. Wow, very nice weight break-down Sian! I just used my bathroom scale with and without the shotgun in hand, then subtracted the difference so I'm sure my figures aren't anywhere near that accurate ...
  6. Thanks! This is an aftermarket bullpup stock I bought from a company called Center Balanced Systems (cbrps.com). They make stocks for a variety of platforms (Mosin Nagants, AK47, Saiga Rifles, Saiga Shotguns etc.).
  7. Hi GunFun, Yes, it comes with two trigger bars, one for an unconverted and one for the converted. Here are some additional Specs: Overall Length (including the JT Engineering muzzle brake): 33 7/16" (30" without the muzzle brake, 41" originally) Length of Pull: 16" (14.5" originally?) Weight: 10-11 lbs unloaded, depending on magazine (7.5-8 lbs originally?) It's a little on the hefty side, but by no means unmanageable as the balance makes it very easy to control. This is particularly important for me given that I'm left-handed, but would have to shoot with my right hand if I want
  8. Hi Azkamidaka, It's a 19" barrel, but since it's a bullpup, the overall length is only 30" (33 7/16" with this muzzle brake).
  9. I honestly couldn't say about loudness of it with or without the brake, I always wear ear protection so I don't notice ... The muzzle brake really does a great job of controlling muzzle rise on follow up shots, and the recoil (which isn't too bad) just goes straight back. I'm going to try to get out to the ranch today and do some more shooting, and I'll post videos! I'm using an MD Arms V-Plug, and the top half of the barrel shroud has a notch cut out of of it, so there should be plenty of room for a TAC47 Auto plug too. Here' a picture of it:
  10. Thanks! Were the previous ones metal or polymer? This one is aluminum with some kind of textured coating. The brake does a great job of controlling muzzle rise, I'll have to post a range report later once I get my sights in.
  11. Very nice! What rail system did you go with?
  12. It's not too bad, but I've got long arms so it's easy for me to get a hold of it. I have a couple of Promag 12-round drums for it and they are a little easier, though the surefire mags are by far the most comfortable!
  13. About 4 months ago, I ordered a Saiga 12 Bullpup stock from Center Balanced Systems (cbrps.com). They've got a big line of Bullpup conversion stocks for several kinds of rifles as well as the Saiga 12 Shotgun. The bullpup stock didn't require any modification to the sporting configuration, and measures above 31" in length without a muzzle attachment. I have some Diamondhead flip up sights and a vertical foregrip/flashlight combo on order, and will post additional photos and video once I have those. At the time I placed my CBRPS bullpup stock order, it was uncertain when or even
  14. It arrived today! I was really surprised how small the box was, but everything came together nice! So here are some pictures Enjoy!
  15. That turned out really nice! I can't tell, but did you leave the rear tang on and put the butt pad over it or cut it off?
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