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    Got Mags?

    VEPR12 5rd factory mags = $45.00 shipped Saiga12 5rd factory mag = $35.00 shipped ALL OTHERS SOLD Thank you all for the interest.
  2. Multiple magazines for sale! All Magazines are New Old Stock. Meaning I've owned them for a while but never loaded them. I have since sold the weapons. Payment via discrete paypal. 5 -- (4xFDE and 1xBLK) AGP Arms Saiga12 10rd mags = $35.00ea shipped or $150 all 5 shipped----Sold VEPR12 5rd factory mags (Last one) = $45.00 shipped Saiga12 5rd factory mag = $35.00 shipped MD Arms 20rd drum for Saiga12 = $65.00 shipped
  3. Voodoo407

    Got Mags?

    Anytime. Thanks for the feedback. Good things come to those who know how to follow instructions. Drum will go out on Monday!
  4. Voodoo407

    Got Mags?

    Since when is paying with discrete paypal gift a new notion? I sent you a reply with easy directions to making the payment. You decided to, without authorization, make the payment in a different form without consent. You alway have to option of sending a USPS money order if paypal is an issue for yoyu. I am giving the Drum away at the price listed
  5. Voodoo407

    Tac 47 Magwell

    I'll take it
  6. Voodoo407

    Vepr 223

    Withdrawn sold locally
  7. Purchased new and she's been a safe queen since (unfired by me). Includes a Bonesteel Arms folding stock adapter with AR style buttstock and standard AK pistol grip + 1 mag. $800 shipped to your FFL.
  8. Voodoo407

    Vepr 223

    BTT Price drop now $700
  9. Voodoo407

    S12 BOLT and carrier

    Thanks for the info GunFun
  10. Voodoo407

    S12 BOLT and carrier

    Looking for a S12 bolt and carrier.
  11. Voodoo407

    S12 BOLT and carrier

    I'm sure you can work it out, lol
  12. New in factory packaging. 3 dark earth Magpul Pmag AR-15 30rd mags for the AR-15 $150.00 shipped discrete paypal or money order
  13. Tactical model comes with threaded barrel, picatinny top (sights) and bottom (light/laser) rail. Less that 50 rounds through the barrel. The setup includes: 1. Pistol (with box, paperwork, and accessories) 2. Burris Fast Fire III 3MOA red dot reflex sight (with box, tools and paper work) 3. Crimson trace laser grips, these are compatible with the 1911 (with box and paperwork) 4. Ruger genuine leather holster (made for this model with opening for top picatinny rail) 5. 2 factory mags $700
  14. Bought a while ago but never mounted, as you can see by the pic the parts envelope is still sealed. This is the slots and holes model. Asking $120 shipped to your door. Save on shipping and still get a New in box product.
  15. Voodoo407

    Browning BDA .380

    My collection is heading in a different direction, so this beautiful set-up has seen it's last days with me. I have a Browning BDA chambered in .380 (9mm short). I haven't taken her out in a while, so I guess its time to let'r go. It will come with all pictured (BDA, leather IWB holster and mag holder, 4 magazines). I also, have a chocolate colored IWB holster that I may throw in (if it's still available). I'm asking $650 shipped to your FFL. Accessories can ship separately is wanted. The pictures didn't turn out so great (more upon request)
  16. Voodoo407

    WTB Molot GK-01 Muzzle Brake

    I have one brand new in wrapping and nut. I bought it along with an original fuggle stick and decided to go a different route. Now I have both up for sale. I will be posted them in the WTS section as well but figured I'd look here first. PM sent with offer.
  17. Voodoo407

    Bolt carrier

    Im looking for a bolt carrier to replace mine. My welded on galil charging handle recently bit the dust. If you could help out, name a reasonable price. Thanks for looking
  18. Voodoo407

    Molot GK-01

    Does anyone know if this break (molot GK-01) can be welded on a shortened barrel to make the OAL 18.5in? I've heard it was aluminum but has a Steel collar with treads.
  19. Voodoo407

    Molot GK-01

    I am starting to see that. However, the break is just to bulky (long) to just add to the 19 in barrel. If I am unable to find Someone to do it soon I will have to reevaluate my build and go with something else. Sucks because the break really works! If you find someone creditable to do it and it turns out well please let me know
  20. Voodoo407

    Molot GK-01

    Sorry I've been away for a while. Do any of the forum members perform this mod
  21. Pics with parts installed?