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  1. bah just sold my vepr for 850 today at the show was just checking if this was still avail, good grab spacehog
  2. Real late but happy birthday and thank you for all the contributions you have made to the Saiga platform and this site. I cant even count the number of post you have made that has helped me make my first Saiga a success and the other two that followed
  3. Buy a barrel nut and you wont need the tape. skeet shooting will help you learn to lead your target, only birds I have shot has been pest control and a Grackle is much smaller then a goose so took awhile to learn how to judge distance and lead, practice is all you can do.
  4. I think the ak pistol has more of a boom and the ar pistol has more of a crack both are stupid loud. and I say stupid loud as the is no need for it lol if I could suppress all my guns I would. but if you really must make a bang I might suggest http://www.firequest.com/G12-037.html for your shotgun good times especially if wait till dusk starts to settle in
  5. Thanks, I suppose I was just a bit intimidated by the big money guns, possibly because the guys with them are good regardless and I just wanted to attribute that to having 2k+ wrapped up in 1 gun. Had planned on using my AR not my AK and on the fence for pistol its my old reliable Taurus PT92 or my new Springfield XD as it came with a nice holster and mag holder. As far as skill goes I don't have much of an ego so I know I'm not the best out there, but it is competition so I will want to be But regardless looks like it will be fun that's the main point, and a change of pace from the back
  6. So been looking into 3gun shoots,and it looks like I'm stuck to open class unless I want to buy a new shotgun. My question is, am I wrong? And if not why the hate for mag fed shotguns, if the handguns and rifles are mag fed why cant the shotgun be? Have asked this to some of the local guys and really never got a good answer that doesn't make me ask "then why aren't you restricted to box fed rifles and revolvers. only ask as my guns are stock I don't do a lot to them and I only run an optic on my rifle, so I'm not sure I could stack up vs the guys with the modified guns. And I don't really
  7. want loud basically any pistol that shoots a rifle round, my mini draco with I believe a JLG muzzle brake on it is kinda stupid loud. cant ever find one to buy, but have shot a kel-tech PMR 30 and its crazy loud for a 22 mag.
  8. House of 1000 corpses, and even The Devil's Rejects but that was more action then horror but some awesome quotes from them two https://www.youtube.com/embed/vbooMZvH-Qg
  9. Did 3lbs once at 200yards felt a decent wave and sent chunks of a big ass log asunder, and it was only a bottle sitting on a log, so I'm not shocked to see the effect in the video. But it is fun, I got a .204 ruger just for the extra velocity, the faster you hit it the louder it is, or so it seems.
  10. I feel ya I got a timbersmith stock for my s12 and on when modding the handguard I let the drum sander skip out and scuffed it up was pissed for a week but never fixed it. and as far as snagging shit from work fuck the naysayers if its a consumable they will never notice unless you get greedy. Hell the said drum sander i had in my air grinder came from work, shit come to think of it the air grinder came from work too
  11. its a game cant remember what one but its an achievement to get a headshot on each kill. either medal of honor war fighter or a battlefield, cant remeber what one but it is the mission after you ride gunner on a heli and fuck up a towlhead base
  12. yea the search function is kinda lacking just google what you need and add saiga-12 forum to the search, not perfect but it helps.
  13. there is a 30-06 saiga =P thought there was a rare 30-06 saiga, so if im not mistaken an AK has gone there
  14. I went with timbersmith as I'm cheap can save money if willing to adapt the parts to work, good bit of sanding. ironwood cost more but can just put it on very little if any fitting, they come unfinished some people like that or they had a option to have them do a finish. depends what you like and willing to spend
  15. sooo a symbol of rebellion but libtards are not offended? but the Confederate flag AKA the "Rebel Flag" totally offensive. Must be a cuban vs southern white boy thing. Well I suppose to keep the thread on track I'll quote snake "Sad story. You got a smoke?"
  16. No need to grow up, zombies are just a fun way to not sound like a tin foil hat nutjob, the same basic principals of a zombie apocalypse apply to most SHTF scenarios. I went with weapons I own and the idea of bug out. Sticking with weapons I own and a choice I bug in, as stated there are perks to the country. Going with bug out and any gun I go with a suppressed .223 and suppressed 9mm if not a suppressed .45 carbine and pistol just to focus on 1 ammo type to carry
  17. I pay like $21 for 100 rounds of 7 1/2 shot 3DR federal never tried the winchester 12ga but I do buy the winchester Value packs of 9mm and .45acp for target practice. best price for basic ball ammo around here, and say what you will about wal-mart they don't price gouge in panics like all the LGS around here do so that gets some money from me. I agree with the idea that its just not selling at the right price for them, will be just shotguns bolt guns and .22's from here on out I assume
  18. Paid like $260 new for mine when they first came out(traded it for a sks). buddy just got one for his S12 paid I think 160 or 170 new just to give ya an idea on price
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