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  1. same with mine, not pretty but they work...
  2. I removed the tabs and moved them up .080 and mig welded them, then ground them smooth and repainted. they work flawless in both my .223 Saigas....i spent a day and made about 15 of them, i might even sell a few.....
  3. Good job folks, panic buying has made the days of affordable ammo and rifles a thing of the past...
  4. man these are selling for 1500.00 bucks in NY state now....
  5. Im hearing bans on certain types of ammo not to mention quantity bans and internet sales bans. But one thing im hearing is the ban on russian importation of 5.45 and 7.62 because its AK-47 ammo. That should make our 5.56/.223 AKs very popular soon huh? I purchased my two Saiga in .223s because the guy at the gun shop said this is the caliber you want and he stated the reasons i mentioned above and its looking like he might be right sooner than later..
  6. we have managed to double the price of .223 ammo, if you can even find it and put 7.62 thru the roof too. all in record time.....congrats fellas.
  7. will the price of ammo come down after this hysteria is over or will it just stay at these prices now. from what i have seen in the past prices once up stay up...
  8. we managed to make the price of .223 almost double folks do to panic buying. avg wolf .223@ 40 cents a round now bulk...if you can even get it.
  9. gotta love bailouts in Russia, lol...
  10. isnt the Izhmash plant in Russia closing, that will put an end to all Saigas in any cal i would think???
  11. both tabs have to be brought down bout .070. each mag is a custom fit. best to mig em right thru the hole u drilled to bemove the spot welds, then grind smooth..by bringing the mag body up to the correct height this will get rid of all that wobble nonsense too because the top of the mag will now be up again the rails the way there spossed to be.
  12. the problem with the Galil mag is it sits too low. Bending the tab will not do it. the front and rear tabs/latchs have to be drilled to remove the spotwelds then reposition the tab/latchs and mig them into place to bring the top of the mag right up to the rail in the receiver where it belongs. now you will have a mag that will work 100%..i have done a few dozen of them, its extensive but the only way to make the galil mags 100%.
  13. didnt have time to read yer whole post but did get the jist of it. well atleast you stayed commie....
  14. im still trying to figure out what hes talking about?
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