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  1. you will appreciate the field of view with that 50MM objective. Your only real limitation is in short distances
  2. yet for some reason there is something off about it, or Red Star Arms version is completely off. I hand to completely redesign that thing.
  3. looks like the TM based on the pics. Welcome to the club!
  4. Correct. The brass also tends to fly in random directions usually to another zip code. Although I did have one fly straight up in the air and land right next to me when shooting from a bench.
  5. 40-50mm Objectives typically require at least a medium height ring.
  6. Time money etc.. We did go shooting on some BLM lands back in August. Nothing too impressive on my end however. Played around with some of that Plastic shelled PPC ammo. My room mate got some decent groups out of his savage with it, I saw no difference in accuracy in my super compared to any of the other factory ammo. I'm actually disappointed by that. Still the best grouping I get is with cheap Armscor 147gr FMJ.
  7. it is non standard, don't know why they chose it, I even thought about making my own screw but the die for that size was $300. a few people have re-tapped it to a standard size.
  8. I plan on doing things like this, but I am still in the process of tooling up. it's a spendy venture.
  9. They are all different in some way or another, especially when you throw in the slant back vs square back, and the Super, Pioneer and, Hunter models are all completely different.
  10. can be done, has been done, it's not exactly pretty but works. check the 54r threads, there are a few examples. The receiver is not too terribly different on the back end when it comes to the stock.
  11. Save yourself the hassle, Don't order anything from BHA. It is a complete miracle if they ship anything to you.
  12. Injection molding does have high upfront costs. It's the mold itself. Most injection molds are made of aluminum which has been cnc milled. So if the demand is there sure low prices make sense but until the costs of the mold are accounted for your going to have high prices to compensate.
  13. a few charts that cover a number of calibers weights and lengths http://www.montanabulletworks.com/page11.html .308 Veprs are roughly a 1:12 twist rate
  14. every rifle will be a bit different but I had great results with Armscor 147gr FMJ in my Super.
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