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  1. do you have any plans to make them?
  2. Is there no cameras where you live also ? Still no pics
  3. Still Any lower handguards ? If so how much shipped for just the lower handguard thanks
  4. I like my JT ENGINEERING Comp brake . I feel the most difference in recoil when doing mag dumps or rapid fire. But you still notice a difference when shooting slow
  5. I love my MD V-plug , but i also have a 2011 legion S12 it cycled low brass from the factory. But the auto-plug is set it and forget it that Just makes it easier. I have mine on order , doesnt hurt to try them all
  6. I think there only talking about magnum loads for the S12, but you can always adjust your gas for your load. I use the spring in my S12 for bird shot only and switch to factory spring for other loads
  7. i just got my AGP gen 2 mag and my SGM , both 10 rounders . The AGP fits alot better than the SGM mag. both load fully loaded with closed bolt.
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