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  1. I have a almost complete 7.62 for sale. email me pcastal26@gmail.com
  2. I have a 99% complete converted 7.62 for sale if you're interested. It's compliant, needs a magazine adapter ramp, comes with a hard case, and a bunch of AK mags. I have pics, email me pcastal26@gmail.com
  3. So your selling a factory saiga gas tube for 25dollars. DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT THESE ARE WORTH, OR ARE YOU JUST TRYING TO RIP THIS DUDE OFF?? seems fishy as dude needs a dime a fuckin dozen factory gas tube hey whats your paypal boomstick? or send me a request pcastal03@yahoo.com
  4. I can't really do a trade, I kinda messed up my AK gas tube
  5. I bought a home converted Saiga 7.62, I dont like the wood furniture on it, so I bought a quad rail setup for it. Problem.... the nice gentleman at the gun show sold me one that goes with a stock Saiga gas tube, not the AK style. My fault really for not knowing better. Anyhoo, I can't find a stock style Saiga gas tube anywhere. Does anyone have one they'd like to sell? Or know where I can find one?
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