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  1. Fuck Bloomberg! He should resign. Fuck all these politicians trying to force us into a "Demolition Man society" No drinking No smoking No swearing No guns No fun
  2. Now I'm in the middle of a M1A1 or a Saiga .308 I've already decided that I'll pass over a 7.62x39
  3. Were you using slugs, and what ranges did you take some of them down with?
  4. As Ted Fucking Nugent once said, "Hey PETA, eat a dick!"
  5. Shooting from what position? Standing, kneeling, sitting, shooters rest, or what?
  6. You have one helluva lady!
  7. This image is a little disturbing... let's kick it up a notch and throw a bio-suit on him, haha
  8. From what I've read on the forums (and packaging), the Red 271 is rated as permanent high strength. That means once it sets, it can only be removed by heating with a torch and using tools to break the bond. Hey Bob, I'm glad I can count on Loctite holding up, but you never answered my question... I did notice one other thing... When I would attach the Shark Brake w/o barrel nut it would appear that my barrel extend too deep or far forward into the Shark Brake. I would think this may effect the performance somewhat. Maybe more so if you were using it for door breaching. (Not tha
  9. I don't understand how a dust cover rail with optics mounted can work out. My dust cover has a little bit of play in it. Plus wouldn't removing the dust cover and replacing it cause loss of zero?
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