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  1. I don't travel much, but I wanted to give a shout out to all my friends and family in the South. I'm gonna be working with ANTiSEEN on their upcoming tour and just wanted to extend the invite should anyone wanna connect at the shows. Again, I'll be working but it would be awesome to shake some hands and whatnot.
  2. Was browsing Fb to discover member KrisFox passed away. I do not have any details.. I know he was a Combat Veteran... RIP...
  3. Juggernaut

    RIP KrisFox

    Damn... I hope he found peace..
  4. Juggernaut

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    I used to run one years ago.. caused cycling issues.. threw it away..
  5. Juggernaut

    So I un-TROMIXED my Tromix S-17.

    keeping with the krink look.. https://www.mississippiautoarms.com/saiga-vepr-ddi-12-gauge-4-piece-brake?fbclid=IwAR1mxWNUsIwcVxJsPl4pM4TsNB4RYRkIeV9r7idGZq6voHLdBADN-DuUfmM
  6. Thanks all! always happy to see some boobies!!
  7. Juggernaut

    S 12 ready conditions

    I just leave the bolt open using the BHO... slam her home if I'm gonna have myself a donnybrook.. 8 round russian inserted.. sneaky bag with three more 8 rounders and three 5 round with Slugs. No kids at home..
  8. Juggernaut

    US Palm comng back!

    I really hope they bring back the Cynology War labs K-9 gear back as well.. When US Palm went down had to get our new pup a Ray Allen collar and 1/4 harness.. Sucked compared to the US Palm gear...
  9. Democrats haven’t chased this many people out of restaurants since the civil rights era..

  10. Juggernaut

    Carry Belt

    If I had the money, Ares or a Mean Gean Leather "Barbarian"..
  11. Juggernaut

    Carry Belt

    ares belt if ya got money...
  12. Juggernaut

    Carry Belt

    another vote for Blackhawk Rigger belts..
  13. forums are gay.. mods be all powertrippin' and shit...
  14. Juggernaut

    20 Rd Drum FAQs

    From MD Arms Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this drum legal to own? A: Federal -There are no federal laws against owning or using this magazine at 20rd capacity. There are no federal permits or fees required or associated with this magazine. State & Local - This 20rd magazine is legal to own in most states and areas. Even in most of the 20rd capacity restricted areas, except California, you can still purchase a drum with a capacity limited to the capacity limit of your state or area. Below is a list of restricted areas in 20rd capacity. Followed by the restricted state or area is the capacity limits for that location in (XXrds). If you order a mag from a restricted state or area it will be shipped with a capacity limit of (XXrds) for your area. Also please note that the capacity limit is NOT going to be easily or readily convertible to a 20rd capacity. Just to make it clear, extreme measures will be made by MD Arms, Ltd to prevent convertibility. And any attempt to do so will be at the sole responsibility of the person attempting such in the terms of legal liability and unit damages. Please don't order from a 20rd capacity restricted state or area with the hopes of a possibility of getting such. Although we are providing this information, it is the buyer responsibility to maintain changing information in there own local laws and legality of owning this item in your area. The restricted states and areas in a 20rd capacity are as follows: Restricted in the State of: New York (10rds) New Jersey (6rds) California (No detachable mags on a semi-automatic shotgun allowed in the state) Massachusetts (5rds) (20rds with a Massachusetts's state issued Class A or B Right to Carry Permit) Restricted in The City of: Aurora, Illinois (15rds) Chicago, Illinois (12rds) Franklin Park, Illinois (16rds) Oak Park, Illinois (10rds) If you are curious about your state or local laws, you can view up to date information anytime from this link: www.handgunlaw.us/documents/NoHiCapChemSpray.pdf No exception will be made on shipping a 20rd capacity drum to restricted states or areas. If you have a special right to own such in restricted states or areas due to occupation or licence, proof must be provided in writing and then verified by MD Arms, Ltd. Absolutely No Exceptions! Q: Is this magazine 922r compliant? A: Yes, every component of this magazine is made in the United States of America. It is compliant and legal with ANY Saiga-12 firearm. It counts as 3 US parts in the Federal guidelines on 922r compliant. Q: Do you ship outside of the United States? A: At this time we only offer sales to the 50 States. We are looking into the legalities and permits involved in shipping this item out of country. But for now, No. Product Overview: Material, Components, and Features: Q: What is it made from? A: While most similar products are made from glass filled nylon, MD Arms went a step above and made our drum out of glass filled polyphthalamide with steel inserts. Polyphthalamide is in the nylon family but is not nylon. It outperforms nylon in strength, toughness, and durability. It retains these properties in humanly unbearable hot and cold conditions. The material is commonly used to replace metal components. The back cover plate is a transparent polycarbonate and allows you to easily see the drum's ammo capacity. The spring is made of 302 stainless steel. Also the tension of the spring is adjustable to meet your specific demands on ammo weight differences. The feed-lips are made of black-oxide coated spring steel. Q: How much does the drum weigh? A: The drum is light weight at around 1.75 lbs. empty. Q: Will this drum fit my Saiga-12? A: Our drum will fit any model Saiga-12 in the United States, factory or converted. Q: Is the feed angle the same as the factory mags? A: We took great care and concern in making sure our drums have the same feed angle in the chamber as factory mags, to provide the best in reliability. Q: Does this drum take all 2 3/4 inch 12ga rounds? 3 inch rounds? A: No. Our mag will take the very most of 2 3/4 inch rounds up to 2.40 inches in length. Some 2 3/4 inch rounds such as roll crimped Wolf and steel cased Silver Bear or too long to fit at 2.50 inches or 2 1/2 inches. This drum will not accept 3 inch mag rounds and can in no way be modified to fit them. Q: Can this drum be loaded on a closed bolt at full capacity? A: No. Our drum cannot be loaded on a closed bolt at 20rd capacity. It can be loaded on a closed bolt at 19rd capacity. Q: Will this drum work with my after market Warfield Armory, Last Round Bolt Hold Open? A: While we currently don't have a way to make our drum active Warfield Armory's LRBHO, our drum can be modified to fit a Saiga-12 with the after market device installed without effecting any function of the drum. You would do this the same way you have done your other mags, by removing the same material off the tower. (this info only concerns those that have this after market device installed) By ordering you understand and agree to all terms and condition listed herein.
  15. Juggernaut

    How many drums do you have

    I had like 8 or so.. gave most away.. I didntneed that many and helped spread word for MD! Think I got 2 now...
  16. Did up a logo based on the Main Police Force Max was with in the 1st movie. Doing a pre order (Save 5 bucks) Shipping in early April (2018) http://juggernaut-graphics.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=5&products_id=74
  17. Juggernaut

    Any Mad Max fans?

    the black on black Ford Falcon XB is amazing.. the Monaro wasn't too shabby, either...
  18. I was gonna collect the names of the companies and post them.. so we can all smash their google business reviews with one star for their shitty advertising practices.
  19. is this too much? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/user/51832-mgustindanny/
  20. Juggernaut

    wire folding stock on 12ga, painful?

    Tom Cole's beast is full auto and wire stock.. It ain't bad to shoot.. but i wouldn't say it's comfortable, either..
  21. Well, all I can say is I LOVE my garmin Fenix 5x... Still, flying a $70.5 million Jet with a 400 dollar smart watch is Sooo Obama..