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  1. Free floating firing pins make small depressions, like not even a dent. It should be like 5% of a real hit, not 50%. Always check a new rifle with single rounds, and do a chambering and extraction/ejection check before firing.
  2. This multiculturalism will kill a country for the very simple reason that, if you come from a third world shithole, and you insist on bringing the culture of the third world shithole with you, then you will turn the new country into a third world shithole. Anyone who claims to be a X hyphen American and not just an American is part of the problem.
  3. Hell, we just need to apply deer hunting on public land rules to these Mussies. "If it's brown; it's down." Works on most illegal immigrants, too.
  4. I don't think the Ford guy had the right reason on the dipsticks. Car company I work for stopped the dipstick on the transaxles and transmissions because people were putting the wrong stuff in there, dirty stuff in there, or over or under filling it when they did, and destroying the transmissions. They figure if the person is smart enough to want to service the trans, then they can pull the pan, service it, and fill it through the factory fill port, which is fairly easy to find, but not for the average idiot. They think that a closed system is better, and to service it at X schedule miles down the road. I also think it's a costs savings, but, they do have a point. If you're good enough to service a trans, you should be able to find the fill port, check the level, figure out the right level, service the trans, and put it back together, even without a dipstick. Now, the dipstick is nice for my two old cars, as they both leak some ATF to some degree. Transmissions don't get dirt in them, the only crap is clutch dust; it's not like a engine with combustion byproducts that MUST be removed on a regular basis. However, I do not like this century's thinking of assuming your customer is an idiot and dumbing it down. My 72 Chevy's owner's manual makes a big point of the transmission drain plug in case you'd like to change the fluid without messing with the pan and filter, and it assumes that since you're a man and own this fine machine, that you know your shit.
  5. This... I can measure the open pressure loss in the valve spring on a race motor from an open valve over a one month time. All real race guys loosen all the valve springs to prevent this over months between seasons. common steel music wire springs do fatigue from full compression over long periods of time . Just ask any mechanical engineer. Or call the engineering people at any custom spring manufacturer. This mechanical engineer has discussed this very thing on here before. People believe what they want to believe.
  6. Couple thoughts. Ruger is fairly new to centerfires; they've been mostly a rimfire and revolver company, with some giant semi auto pistols until their more recent polymer wonders. Certainly good guns, but they were a budget company which is trying to step up. Similar with Savage. A lot of people extoll the hell out of Savage, and their recent trigger is good, too, but they are also a budget company trying to step up. A lot of people that swear up and down that Savage is the best haven't experienced anything more and have validation bias. That being said, they are good rifles. Weatherby, on the other hand, has been stepping down with value lines, and trading on their name. I know some of their rifles are still considered great, and some are considered just ok due to cost cutting. Sako and Tikka, being the same company, are both Finnish and not here as much as the others. I would compare the Sako and the Tikka rifles and see what you are losing with the lower price. Sako's are apparently awesome; I haven't shot one. That leaves the Remington, and Winchester, which wasn't a choice. Any traditional Mauser action made by a long time American company is hard to beat. The 700 trigger is stellar, and, in my opinion, the recall is because people are stupid. The model 70 has been held as the gold standard of bolt guns forever, as well. Stainless barrels take time to break in. There is nothing wrong with blued, just wipe it off at the end of the day. Synthetic stocks are fine. I've hunted deer for 30 years, used Remington and Savage rifles, shot Winchesters and Weatherbys, and have broken in a few stainless guns as well as plenty of carbon steel guns. I agree that being in shape and being accurate is better than a magnum. My father took down a large elk with a 30-06 in Remington 700 BDL, he just took his deer rifle and did it. He did buy a 7mm Rem Ultra Mag in Remington 700 Sendero, and it took forever to break that barrel in. He takes it to Texas, but it usually stays home. Great rifle, just too much.
  7. I view good cops the same way I view good muslims. If you're not busting your ass to fix the system and stop the crimes of your brothers, then I really can't trust you. I'd like to, but it comes down to what motivates you. Are you going to take the side of the cop in the wrong, or the citizen in the right? I fear home invasions by police of the wrong address. What happens if someone gets no knock warranted, the cops kick down the door, and he goes Rambo and kills them to defend his family and home? In my opinion, the home owner was right, because the police were there illegally, but no policeman would ever agree with that. Usually what happens is the homeowner dies, and it gets excused as a clerical error. We have way too many police, and too few armed homeowners. It used to be you protected your own as part of being a man, and you didn't need the police except to be a jailer. We should return to that.
  8. Live healthy and get checked up at least yearly. Don't go to a small town doctor who's not worth anything. Exercise, diet, and medical checks will drastically improve your odds. That, and a positive attitude. The way you do that is tell us you're going to make it, not wonder about it. My grandma declared she was going to do 100, and she did, and in style. Broke her hip a few months later, never really recovered, and soldiered on another six months, to 100 and 10 months. She pretty much called it.
  9. These things are rarely black and white, as anyone in a technical area knows. For millions of rifles to have a statistically insignificant amount of this behavior, and not much more, there has to be a specific set of circumstances for it to have happened so few times. If it takes extreme dried oil and dirt to freeze parts in place and not return, is that on the manufacturer or the operator? How about if it takes pressing the trigger while holding the safety halfway down to make it fire when the safety is removed? Manufacturer or operator? Depending on what you read, it apparently takes one or the other or both of those to make this happen. Personally, I know of the impossibility to idiot proof a design when one desires a reasonable price. I don't think that so much emphasis should be placed on avoiding personal responsibility and blaming the manufacturer. I know this person is trying to rid themselves of their demons, but they had a gun pointed at their child. Many guns have no safeties, what of it? I won't be participating in any recall, because the new triggers will probably suck dick. A gun is a tool, use it at your risk.
  10. It is unfortunate the above happened. I have the same issue with good police as I have with good Muslims, which is that, of your brothers in your organization, some are bad, and doing bad things. If you are not standing up and demanding accounting, and change, and improving your group with 100% of your being; then you're part of the problem. I have issue with police brutality. I have more issue with how it is handled. In my opinion, a policeman who steps out of line into brutality gets the same criminal charges as anyone else for the same act. If you don't think that's fair, you can quit, and I, as a taxpaying citizen, have the right to insist on the above being applied to any policeman, who are all civil servants. Personally, we need a lot less cops, and a lot more legally armed citizens.
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