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  1. Is there a simple 'bolt in' part that changes the sling mounts? or do I have to buy something and then threat an adaptor for the rifle? Any suggestions for the front end especially would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I have a 16" Saiga .308 with the wooden sporter furniture. I have no intention of converting it. I like it as is. Different strokes, and all that. The one thing I don't like is the rifle strap mounts. Darn European widths! My goal would be, ultimately, to have the same leather strap on my Saiga as on my Garand, [and I have that type of leather one on 2 other rifles as well]. I don't carry/field it often, and I am not a 'tactical' guy. Target shooting, plinking, hunting: that type of stuff. SO , does anyone make a narrower shoulder strap like the classic one on the Garand, bu
  3. I am so new to many of these weapons I had to look up what a DMR style rifle is. I honestly can't see my Saiga .308-2 filling that role well, with its' 16" barrel. I am confident I could probably hit a deer or man-sized target in a pretty fatal area at 300 yards, but not at distances longer. IF you are getting a Saiga .308 and you want that DMR type [1/2 step below sniper gun as I understand it?], you better get the longer barrel version. Seriously, from what I've read, the Saiga .308 is better in the role of a main battle rifle than as a sniping rifle. That is what Dragunovs [spelling
  4. I have a Saiga .308 sporter. I like the look/feel and want to keep it a sporter. However, I really like the wooden buttstock and forearm that some of the Saiga sporters come with. I just didn't know about those versions before I bought mine. So, knowing how many of you LOVE to convert your Saiga's, I was hoping someone would have a set of the factory Saiga .308 Sporter wooden stock/forearm that you would be willing to sell to me. OR, you would know of some place I can buy them without spending half the cost of the gun. I know RWS has them listed, but they won't have them available
  5. If you are feeling your trigger is rough, then polishing will help. If you are feeling that your trigger pull is too heavy, polishing may help. If you are feeling yours has no distinct break point, then polishing won't help. What type of trigger do you really want? What role do you see this rifle having for you? I believe everyone deserves the freedom to do what they want with their triggers, as long as it isn't a safety hazard to the people around them. I personally wouldn't want to carry a rifle with one in the pipe as I crawl through the brush if it had a trigger under 3lbs. I'd act
  6. The only reason I can think of for the plastic bristles is to allow the scrubbing of the barrel with a solvent designed to remove copper deposits. For some reason it seems to me the use of a bronze brush [copper with tin and some other metal] would not be the wisest thing to use with a copper remover solution. I would think the solution could start to affect the brush and cause it to desolve, leaving more copper on the barrel to begin with. Just a thought. Anyone else able to clarify my thinking? I don't know the above: I am just guessing and love to learn from those who actually know
  7. Hello, I took my .308 Saiga to the range today [standard sporter configuration: no conversion work done]. It was fun! I came away with many smiles, but a worklist of things to fix before/during the next range trip. One of those is the magazine issue. I bought an SGM Tactical Surefire 10 round magazine so that I'd have two mags. I was under the impression that these magazines were supposed to lock the slide/bolt back on an empty magazine, but it didn't. I only fired about 30 rounds through it, but it barely fit into the receiver and it didn't lock back the bolt when the mag was empty.
  8. I just picked up my Saiga .308 v2 and like it so far. I still need to get to the range, but I believe it will do what I want it to. I am not expecting 1 MOA accuracy. I have other rifles for that type of precision work. However, I ran into something in the owner's manual and wanted to know: How does Saiga test the accuracy of these rifles before they leave the factory? I know they are 100 meter groups, but is is standing? Prone? Braced off bags on a bench? From a fixed machine? Also, are they measuring largest 4 round group spread from outside edge to outside edge? Or from center t
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