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  1. That is one nice looking and well thought out shotgun. PATIENTLY WAITING TO SPEND MY MONEY.
  2. Check the shell length...some slug ammo is longer.
  3. Looks nice...lots of opportunities to reduce weight in the lower...skeletonize at will.
  4. Good question...inquiring minds want to know.....
  5. State dept. reopens their investigation into lyin Hillary....good news there.
  6. One day someone will figure out that he was never going to build them, he wants to license the production to someone and collect the fees.....any takers?
  7. You can still get these...no as cool but different. LINK
  8. I use the JTE on my Vepr 12....It works, you can argue all day with me but in my real use in competition...it works...nuff said. (not saying others don't work).
  9. impressive that there are not really many parts and pieces to it's operation....I would buy one...
  10. In development vs AVAILABLE NOW...Hmmmmm. We shall see how it develops...looks interesting.
  11. Legion now offers this service...look under gunsmith services. They do it in house.
  12. I am giving away my secret to 100 yd. slug shots..... 1) No Choke. 2) Rio 2 3/4" Royal Star-Low Recoil 1 1/8 oz./1200 fps NOTE: I also tried the Fiocchi 7/8 oz / 1300 fps slugs, they were not as accurate...at least in my gun. Recently at a shotgun match we had to get (3) hits on a 100 yard steel target (9 hits total) from 3 different positions, these are what I zeroed my gun with and they were really accurate, I think I had 2 misses out of 11 shots (it was me with trigger control when in the standing postion with gun shouldered). The above ammo works really well in mimicking
  13. I have moved to a Vepr 12 and absolutely love it. It ran out of the box, is reliable and seems much more robust. Parts seem available, but not plentiful...we will see what the future holds. Maybe an Origin 12 in the future.
  14. I am kind of in a small group with a pre XN, that was until recently shot alot in competition. I love the platform, but I am unwilling to keep shooting that much and not be able to just go online and buy what I may need.
  15. I hate to say, but this gun may fade into oblivion. No replacement parts...no support from mfg.....no new/continuing aftermarket parts.... Just sayin'
  16. I hate to hear this Jim, I can't say I blame you. It seemed like this particular forum was a little lax in controlling the haters and trolls and it sometimes went too far. I am all for stating an opinion, but when it becomes personal for no apparent reason other than brand loyalty or difference in personalities, that is when I would draw the line as an admin. I think most of this could have been avoided if people had more respect for the hard work it takes to develop and actually fabricate a part for market ( and do it correctly, so it works). Done with my rant...moving on. :-)
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