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  1. I just noticed something about your original post... You said you have one on your Saiga 12 already. Why not just take it off that and try it on the fury? All the AK style front sights for the Saiga 12 that I know of are bolt on. Where did you get a Saiga 12 AK sight that doesn't bolt on?
  2. I can't believe that no one has replied to this post yet. I've actually been wondering the same thing. There aren't too many Catamount fans on the forums here, but I'm sure if you wait long enough someone will eventually try it out and post their feedback. Sorry I wasn't any help, but I'd love to hear if it worked out. I got a fury and I personally don't like the sights. They work well enough, but still leave alot to be desired.
  3. You hit it on the head about the mystique factor because I haven't even shot one...looks great on the Walking Dead though. On a serious note, I've really heard nothing but great things about the python. Too bad they discontinued it.
  4. Of all the different firearms out there, I'd honestly say my collection would be damn near complete if I could get my hands on the following: Remington 700 S&W M&P15II Wilson Combat Beretta 92 Springfield M1A Colt Python I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't stop at just those firearms, as there are tons of other options out there, but this list will keep me busy for awhile.
  5. And if I actually owned one, I would NOT give up a Springfield M1A. That is the most accurate weapon that I've ever had the pleasure of shooting. I'm envious of anyone that owns one!!!
  6. While that is true, it took a high round count before the beretta slides started to fail though. It's not like these slides were cracking after just a few magazines.My 92FS has a flawless track record with hundreds upon hundreds of rounds. I trust that gun as much as any of the other guns I mentioned, so yeah I'd really hate to give it up.
  7. An AK would be my first pick if I had to have only one... But just to throw out another few affordable firearms that are reliable with a great track record of handling high round counts that I'd hate to part with: Beretta 92FS/M9 Remington 870 Mossberg 500 Any Glock Any Smith and Wesson revolver
  8. https://m.youtube.com/results?q=hog%20control%20tannerite&sm=1 Here is an effective way to control hogs using tannerite.
  9. All of this is very useful info, especially the dram chart. Took a screenshot of the chart, so it'll always be with me when I'm buying some ammo. For $400, it's worth the risk. I knew what I was getting into when I bought it, but I believe the gun just has alot of haters. There are alot of gun snobs out there. I know the Saiga 12 is a bad ass shotgun with a cult following (myself included), but my dad is still rocking a Norinco MAK90 that he's had for 20yrs. I also have a friend with the IAC Hawk that shoots just as well as my 870. Even if the Catamount is Chinese, I believe Carolina
  10. OK, that's good to know since it's an affordable option. As far as buckshot, are there any brands/types that I should steer clear of? You also mentioned that the Fury 1 was having conversion issues. What were the issues and we're they resolved?
  11. Just bought a Catamount Fury and have yet to fire it. I know that it's a lead shot only gun, and I also know it's not good with low brass. For those forum members who have first hand experience with the Catamount shotguns (both the fury 1 and/or the fury II), what are your opinions towards what brands/types you had the best reliability with? Also, what brands should I avoid? Once I get a few suggestions from this I plan on testing a few different types of ammo and post the reliability results and patterns in a future topic. All opinions are welcome, so please share your thoughts.
  12. I have a Texas Weapons System dust cover on my rifle. It's not a side mount, and it sits optics low as possible. If you got the money you could buy their front grip and turn your AK/Saiga into a flatop rifle, similar to an AR. This allows you to use flip up sights, as well as the ability to cowitness a red dot sight with your iron sights. I always hear good stuff about Midwest Industries but haven't tried any of their products.
  13. Been a long time since I've been on the forums, but I went hog hunting this weekend for the first time and bagged a boar with 2in cutters using a converted Saiga IZ-132. Just wanted to post the pics and see if anyone else has taken game with Saiga rifles? Post pics if you got em!
  14. Maybe someone on here has some experience with this. What kind of mag clamps do people use to "jungle-clip" 7.62x39 banana clips (20 or 30rds)??? Most of the feedback is saying the polymer clamps that are sold won't properly fit tapco mags. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. I'm doing some research before buying some .45 ammo in bulk, and I'm curios if the Glock G30 is rated for +P ammo??? Thoughts???
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