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  1. I have had good luck with Remington 2-3/4" Slugger slugs in my 76mm mags. I couldn't find 3" and wanted to sight in my seeall sight. I gave up on anything less than 3" for birdshot and got a case of Fiocchi #4 3" that functions flawlessly in my 5 and 8 round mags. Now I just need to shave off or remove the BHO so it doesn't cut into me when firing.
  2. If anyone is looking I just saw 3" 5 rounders for $38.95 each. http://www.saigastock.com/saiga-20-ga-5rd-magazine-for-3-inch-shells-p-6765.html They also had the 2.75 as well
  3. I hear you. I have 3-5 round- 3 inch ones and 2-8 round- 3 inch ones and I am good with that.
  4. I hear you. I have been on their list for a while as well. I had the 12 and gave it to my son. He loves it. The CSSPECS site still shows promise for a fall run, but it has changed in the past.
  5. That's unbelievable! Still holding out for CSSPECS.
  6. Wow if that sells I may post a 20x76 5 rounder.
  7. http://saigaclub.net/saiga-ak-vepr-svd-parts/spare-parts-saiga/muzzle-paradox-saiga-410
  8. Installation of the sight went not so well. I got the old sight off with a couple taps which was nice. I installed the dovetail for the rail and mounted the rail. I noticed that the rail seemed to be angled pretty far to the right just by looking down the top of the gun with no sight mounted. I am guessing the great Saiga quality control of the dovetail is the cause. This will not allow me to adjust the sight far enough right to be on a 3 FT square target at 10 YD with slugs. Not good! I have sent a question to support to see if there is any yaw adjustment on the rail. There is plenty of vertical adjustment on the rail. If not the old irons go back on. The sight however itself is a really nice piece. Its light,looks rugged, mounts easily, adjusts easily, and works awesome on an AR so I will be keeping it. If I can get it on the S20 I will be very happy. It is fast to acquire when shouldering and the Tritium is a plus. Update: The rail worked much better when I went back to the bench and ignored the center mark of the old site and finished driving the dovetail of the new rail into the center of the gun. I need to get more slugs but I an very optimistic this will be exactly what I was hoping it would be.
  9. Based on this response from the ATF are they legal or not? It took a bit , but I got the following reply. I asked as Saigaclub.net has mags available in 20x70 and 20x76 various round counts. Federally manufactured magazines may be purchased here in the US. there may be State/local restrictions. Russian made magazines are only importable if they are for a firearm enumerated on the Voluntary Restraint Agreement. Thank you! I have posted what they sent for the list as well below. I see Saiga listed generically, so they are ok? VOLUNTARY RESTRAINING AGREEMENT (VRA) Annex A PISTOLS/REVOLVERS 1. German Model P08 Pistol = SMCR 2. IZH 34M, .22 Target pistol 3. IZH 35M, .22 caliber Target pistol 4. Mauser Model 1896 pistol = SMCR 5. MC-57-1 pistol 6. MC-1-5 pistol 7. Polish Vis Model 35 pistol = SMCR 8. Soviet Nagant revolver = SMCR 9. TOZ 35, .22 caliber Target pistol 10. MTs 440 11. MTs 57-1 12. MTs 59-1 13. MTs 1-5 14. TOZ-35M (starter pistol) 15. Biathlon-7K RIFLES 1. BARS-4 Bolt Action carbine 2. Biathlon target rifle, .22 3. British Enfield rifle = SMCR 4. CM2, .22 target rifle (also known as SM2, .22) 5. German model 98K =SMCR 6. German model G41 = SMCR 7. German model G43=SMCR 8. IZH-94 9. LOS-7, bolt action 10. MC-7-07 11. MC-18-3 12. MC-19-07 13. MC-105-01 14. MC-112-02 15. MC-113-02 16. MC-115-1 17. MC-125/127 18. MC-126 19. MC-128 20. Saiga 21. Soviet Model 38 carbine=SMCR 22. Soviet Model 44 carbine-SMCR 23. Soviet Model 91/30 rifle=SMCR 24. TOZ 18, .22 bolt action 25. TOZ 55 26. TOZ 78 27. Ural Target, .22lr 28. VEPR rifle 29. Winchester Model 1895, Russian Model rifle=SMCR 30. Sever – double barrel 31. IZH18MH single barrel break action 32. MP-251 over/under rifle 33. MP-221 double barrel rifle 34. MP-141K 35. MP-161K 36. MTs 116-1 37. MTs 116M 38. MTs 112-02 39. MTs 115-1 40. MTs 113-02 41. MTs 105-01 42. MTs 105-05 43. MTs 7-17 combination gun 44. MTs 7-12-07 rifle/shotgun 45. MTs 7-07 46. MTs 109-12-07 rifle 47. MTs 109-07 rifle 48. MTs 106-07 combination 49. MTs 19-97 50. MTs 19-09 51. MTs 18-3M 52. MTs 125 53. MTs 126 54. MTs 127 55. Berkut-2 56. Berkut-2M1 57. Berkut-3 58. Berkut-2-1 59. Berkut-2M2 60. Berkut-3-1 61. Ots-25 62. MTs 20-07 63. LOS-7-1 64. LOS -7-2 65. LOS-9-1 66. Sobol(Sable) 67. Rekord 68. Bars-4-1 69. Saiga 70. Saiga-M 71. Saiga 308 72. Saiga-308-1 73. Saiga 308-2 74. Saiga-9 75. Korshun 76. Ural-5-1 77. Ural 6-1 78. Ural-6-2 79. SM-2 80. Biatlon-7-3 81. Biatlon-7-4 82. Rekord-1 83. Rekord-2 84. Rekord-CISM 85. Rekord-1-308 86. Rekord-2-308 87. Rekord-1-308-CISM 88. VEPR 89. VEPR Super 90. VEPR Pioner 91. VEPR Safari 92. TOZ 109 93. KO 44-1 94. TOZ 78-01 95. KO 44 96. TOZ 99 97. TOZ 99-01 98. TOZ 55-01 Zubr 99. TOZ 55-2 Zubr 100. TOZ 120 Zubr 101. MTs 111 102. MTs 109 103. TOZ 122 104. TOZ 125 105. TOZ 28 106. TOZ 300 Annex B 7.62x25mm (also known as 7.63x25mm or .30 Mauser) PROHIBITED FROM IMPORTATION
  10. Well I bought one of their night rail sights and a Carolina Shooters 4" rail. Figured I would try it before I did a elevated front sight. I should get the rail today. The sight is smaller than i expected and weighs nothing. I will post results as soon as I get a chance to mount and try it. I need to pickup some 3" slugs to get a basic zero going. I would post a pic, but can't seem to upload an image.
  11. Has anyone tried the See All Sights on a Saiga shotgun? Looks like an interesting piece. https://seeallopensight.com/product/see-all-nite-rail-sight/
  12. Just received the following response via e-mail this morning. As of now it is only a 13 round magazine. We are waiting to see if they can make something other than the 10 round magazine. They are in the $60 range right now, so we are trying to see if they can do something with the price. Rob Lets hope. I would love some 10 or 13 rounders.
  13. I filled out the contact us form on their webpage yesterday. I specifically asked about Saiga 20 mags. I will post when I get a reply.
  14. AcezHi

    magazines ?

    March 13 got the following about the coming csspecs 10 rounders. Still a ways off.. But we are still intending on making them. I am also waiting for a few.
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