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  1. I really like the Challenger Gas Monkey is building. I hope it wins.
  2. I really liked his movies. His character in True Lies was funny. He did a good historical series on Texas, Texas Rising.
  3. I've had my G17 since 1993. It has been a fantastically reliable gun. I really like the grip, trigger and natural POA.
  4. We just watched "Laid to Rest" on Amazon. Pretty entertaining horror flick.
  5. Still waiting. Picked up a Trijicon MRO and liked it so much I got a 2nd MRO.
  6. I think m going to hold off on sending my Eotech in because I have not heard of one (1) verified actual refund. If they file for bankruptcy before your refund you are SOL.
  7. I've read elsewhere, 2 weeks to get check. Guess I'll find out 2-3 weeks from now. Bad thing is that they are getting overwhelmed with returns. We shall see. this sucks because I really liked Eotech.
  8. very good point. I'm in TX and the OC came in like a whisper. No drama.
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