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  1. Misery


    Very nice what kind of price tag would you put on that?
  2. I have only shot hornady leverevolution 45-70 govt 325gr Ftx but have 405 grain lead flat point for tomorrow not looking forward to the shoulder whooping, but well worth the fun
  3. Nice I have the same unit kicks like a sob fun to shoot, looking forward to hog hunting with it
  4. Very nice makes me want a coach gun
  5. Misery

    100 1055

    Now thats what i like to call stacking mags.Just bought one myself
  6. Hips well for breeding and why is she holding them girls up?
  7. Misery


    AFG? How do you like it
  8. Misery

    Saiga691 M

    That is on serious charging handle
  9. Ha ha looks like a hostel
  10. Misery

    Her new XDM .40

    Are you happy with the xdm? Seems to be a bit bulky.I carry a xd 40 and love it,I have been looking into the xds myself.
  11. Misery

    Magpul vs Tapco

    I have all magpul furniture on my colt AR 6920 and couldnt be hapier
  12. Misery

    Toro Vepr

    Sick pic stay proud of your pups. Check out my kids , love my dogs
  13. Vper 12 price? On the east coast? I'm ready to buy thanks for any info.

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