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  1. I used a washer on my prototype, to hold the trigger return spring, I suggested it to them before it shipped. The GunWiki install used a spare nut it came with. Looks good.
  2. I was thinking a piece of very hard rubber might work. If you make a modification please post a photo.
  3. I am actually much more interested in a 5.45 bullpup at this point but I want to have the magwell cut for standard AK74 mags before bothering. Which of course means taking a look at 922r parts count before hand. I'm really looking forward to some reviews, when you get your video up please post here and/or let me know what the channel is.
  4. I haven't received a tracking number like many.
  5. In favor of trying to share something, this is what I added on the Bullpup Forum: http://bullpupforum.com/index.php?topic=696.0 During my conversations with Kushnapup over the past year and a half (my unsolicited feedback) the panic of the ATF's block of the Saiga-12 with customs became a large issue. I suggested making the stock work with other calibers so the shotgun freeze wouldn't destroy any future plans for the design. He admitted later that he took it to heart and temporarily obtained each caliber to see how it would fit. The final installation manual reflects this. Also in the
  6. I'm on a much needed vacation right now, I won't be back until Wednesday. I do have some photos on my laptop of the install. I'll get them up.
  7. I only registered to post a comment to you linking to the video; prior to that I was content in reading and not commenting. I had the prototype to review the installation in order to provide feedback to the company. I presume I was selected for the task because of the unsolicited feedback I'd given prior.
  8. That's my video, I wasn't given a prototype to do a review on it. I did not have permission to release anything until recently. I have not had it very long. I can answer some questions but most will have it soon I suspect. I am not in business with Kushnapup however, so my opinions are my own. Also, I've yet to receive tracking info.
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