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  1. Got an offer I couldn't refuse. $1870 took mine. Finally found someone who appreciated what this platform really is. Especially with the ban still on. Seems like it went to a good home. Solid patriot. Bought as a gift for the man's son that just returned from his 3rd tour in the Marines. He specifically wanted a Saiga. Funny that a man who just put his life i the hands of AR platform rifles came home and wanted a Russian AK. Somewhat telling.
  2. Bore snakes dont do the same thing as rods, brushes, jags. Proper cleaning may not be necessary on an ak. But I would bet it's the difference between getting 20k rounds and 50k rounds through the gun. Snakes are certainly "good enough" but do a thorough cleaning after using a snake and you'll see how much the snake leaves behind. I use one piece ProShot polished stainless rods. I have a pair for .22-.26 cal and another pair for larger cal. Ive heard the coating on coated rods can scrape off in the barrel or on the crown. I would not use a segmented rod unless it was an emergency. I'll
  3. How do you guys clean the barrel, throat, and chamber of your S308? I have bore guides for my bolt actions and AR's. Ive used an AR10 brush w/ chamber rod and the brush snaps off. I think due to angle. I love the AK platform but the fact that i cant get a proper cleaning rod to straight down the barrel is lame. And yes i have a snake. But I dont see that as a replacement for proper barrel cleaning.
  4. To be perfectly honest, I'm kind of surprised it has not sold yet. That's alright, though. I'm sure someone will be interested in it someday. Congratulations on the VEPR! I was surprised when mine didn't sell either. And your package is worth more than mine. Either the Saiga 308 is unknown to most folks or people just dont want to buy used guns. I can say with definite confidence that your package is a steal at 1150. That's the price of a low-mid level DI AR. Those guys buying $1000- Direct Inject rifles that shoot 5.56 (.22 LR on steroids) might not be aware that they can get into
  5. Dude...I just picked up a VEPR 12. If I hadn't I would give you 1150 for this EASY. I would love to have a pair of them. I honestly don't think people get how solid the S308 is for the money. Especially with all those Csspec mags.
  6. Also, I have some ProMags that I could give away for you to use as paper weights, or maybe just throw them in your next campfire (unloaded). You could also tape them together in a string and use them as a back scratcher. I had to give aftermarket poly mags a try. Cuz they were "cheap." Except when you account for how many rounds I had to put through them in order to determine that they are junk.
  7. Correct. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I didn't pay a dime out of pocket for the repair. I printed the labels and a week later they were already returned to me in working order. Out of curiosity, what will the potential difference be when using the better tooling? Just better fit and finish?
  8. Well my rifle is officially no longer available, but if you want a nice one, check out Forsaken352. They have a beautiful .308 for sale above mine.
  9. Mine is off the market, but if I wanted another, I'd grab this bad boy. Remember those mags are $50 each alone. Very nice rifle. How did you get the lettering to show white like that?
  10. Here's some more praise for these guys. I was having some issues with some older Csspec 20 round mags. Out of warranty. They had about a thousand rounds a piece through them. Just minor feed issues. I sent them back and they put new springs in and adjusted the follower angle a bit. They run as good as new. Thanks again Mike!
  11. I use a one point mount on a standard QD mounts on a Bonesteel side fold hinge. I really like that set-up. Very quick to shoulder. Not ideal for hike hunting of course. I have different machines for that.
  12. Interesting to see what the resale value is on these anyways. That alone had me curious. I knew I could probably burn it for a grand or so. But I also figured that some would see the components' value alone. Either way...no blood, no foul.
  13. You're so right. I was seriously just having some magazine frustration but I have that ironed out now. In my honest opinion, this thing is worth way more than 1300 bucks. i just needed it to be more reliable. Now that it's there, I'm better off keeping it. Thank you sir. Good Represent from the Mitten brother.
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