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  1. Cobra, I read this last night and I didn't even know how to respond (I was too tired and in shock over all of it). I didn't want to glaze over everything you have been through. Some people may feel my response below is excessive but ultimately, I talk to strangers the same way I talk to old friends and I wanted to write something personal. The tragedies you have been through are the same magnitude to your life whether I know you or not and that is why I wrote something more personal. I don't know you at all but all I can say is that I have NEVER met anyone who has been through SO many
  2. Hello! I'm a novice and it has been years since I have been on. I was going to send my S12 to Pauly's but never did. I read the horror stories and I feel absolutely terrible for people who were caught in that massive scam. As far as I can tell Cobra's Customs seems to be the only vendor still providing that work? I did not see any recent posts so I am not sure if he is still open for business or what his turn around time is. I don't trust myself or have the tools/time/knowledge for it. Basically, I was going to get the glass bolt service done from Pauly's (I plan on owning the S12 for
  3. I LOVE mine! It's staying this way as an HD gun for good!
  4. Lol! Oops! You are correct! I was SHOCKED at how comfortable it was/is!
  5. No. It worked a little better when it was on the barrel at 19", but it was crazy long and nose-heavy. Losing the weight of 5.5" of barrel, 2.25" of op rod, moving the brake back 5.5", and moving the block back 2.25" made it feel like a completely different weapon. It was worth the small performance loss. Don't get me wrong, the brake still works great. ETA: Almost forgot to mention, this brake pushes a very noticeable blast backwards when firing in a narrow indoor stall. It feels like someone is aiming a blow dryer directly in the face. I didn't notice it outside. I may need to amend my s
  6. I "hogged" out the CSS pad. When it came in the mail i was surprised because it felt a little firm on the shoulder. Then I took it to the range and was BLOWN AWAY with how comfortable it is!!! There is a flat plastic plate that the rubber pad is mounted to. The flat plate is a PERFECT FIT on the inset of the K-pup butt stock. UTG did a superb job making this! It looks absolutely OEM and feels fantastic!
  7. LOL! I'd settle for some pics of that with a nice looking flatbelly holding it. I already know how well it works LOL!!!! My friend was in Maxim twice! She is smoking hot but she is 5 months pregnant now. LOL! I'll see what I can do. I am VERY busy with work. Not sure when I'll get to a range next. If I do I'll get vids of before and after. I have some Winchester AA Heavy Target (1300 fps) shot I'll use. The closest range to me let's me use the patterning area to run rounds through the gun. Although I have to wait 1 second between discharges. :/
  8. ROFLMAO!!!! Well put!
  9. You got it! I live in Michigan and I bought it from Chicago. Should be here soon! Coming US Priority.
  10. I did it! Ordered it from Firespeed Tactical!
  11. Ok ... almost back to normal after having the flu run through both my 10 year old then my 6 year old! UGH! I'm going to buy it just for kicks. I'm not sure if I will leave it on for my HD set up (or if I should just leave the Polychoke II on set wide open). THANK YOU for your input! I am VERY close to the "pond"! My brother lives right on the canal. The Great Lakes are amazing and the quantity of inland lakes is unbelievable! Also, it's nice to be 45 minutes away from Canada.
  12. pjd393

    New Ink

    VERY tight lines!!! VERY nice work! You sir, are COMMITTED! NICE!
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