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  1. I bet most of them are just happy they won't have to carry Hillary's luggage. Oh SS as in secret service. OK I was confused.
  2. Doesn't matter how old it is. A good story is timeless. Like the oddessey or a Christmas Carol. Timeless.
  3. Live rounds ripping through BLM rioters would really make it the best year ever.
  4. Why does michelle obama NOT wear panties to picnics?............. To keep the flies off the fried chicken.
  5. Im pretty sure you have to have an ID to get welfare so blacks have them, they just want voter fraud.
  6. They are also exploring the advantages of sitting down to pee.
  7. That remark betrays stunning ignorance.Yea well you like US made aks and cock. Your opinion is shit. Watch the video of "ak operators union47/74" review the c39 i believe it is.
  8. What about the obamacare vote? I understand how you feel, I used to feel the same way. If they vote to take our guns that will be the dumbest thing they ever did. This thing can not go on for much longer, I welcome that day. See you in in the gulch.Well I dont welcome it but if it comes to that, pass the ammo.
  9. Vote against socialism. Its really that simple. Im not trying to be an asshole, the next president will elect supreme court judges. In 2008 the republican judges voted for the second, the dems voted against.
  10. I will not cast a vote for a party that stands with this president, so the democrats and republicans are out. I'll be voting Libertarian. So you'll be voting for the draft dodging, Cuomo supporting, RJF loving nut case? To each his own *shrug* You either vote against socialism or you dont. Vote libertarian and your not voting against socialists. You might as well just stay home.
  11. Not to get off topic, but I'm a Christian, love God, accepted Jesus as my savior. I make mistakes, and royally screw up many times. I'm human. I take communion. It's just juice and a cracker, bread, whatever. Sometimes it's a can of pop and a candy bar. It was never intended to literally be the blood and flesh of Jesus, nor does it turn into those things in my stomach. But it represents His death for my sins...because I'm human. That's my choice though. I'm asking and honest question here... What does eating him have to do with him dying for you? I've always found this pract
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