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  1. Bump. Would also trade for a CSSPECS saiga 12 magazine. This is one of the best left side folders on the market.
  2. Just to clarify this is the one that accepts AR stocks.
  3. Hey guys I have a bonesteel left hand side folder I'm probably going to sell. I'd like to trade it for an 8 round factory saiga 12 magazine or $100 plus shipping. Let me know at my primary email kenwestby@gmail.com. thanks.
  4. Answered my own question, no it does not. Contacted the vendor and he stated it is a very complicated fitting procedure.
  5. Anyone who knows the answer to this please chime in, would love to put a magwell on my 109.
  6. Hi guys, Looking for someone in my area within 4 hours who can weld HK sights and Tromix rail onto my S12 for a reasonable price. One of the last steps I have before SBSing. Thanks for any help. Ken
  7. Have we figured out a solution to this problem? I have a RAM mag release and it functions fine with stick mags but drops the 12 round drum after 1-3 rounds even after taking some material off the back and bending the spring to increase tension. Does anyone have any ideas of a solution?
  8. I have two Saiga .308 mags I want gone now. One is a promag, the other is SGM. 24/25 rounders. Excellent condition. $30 plus shipping takes both. PayPal ideal.
  9. Stoked. Just saw them available but not able to add to cart. Will be buying one as well. Stoked. Just saw them available but not able to add to cart. Will be buying one as well.
  10. Like new condition ... just realized I almost never shoot it and the money could be put to better use. $80 plus a couple bucks for shipping and it's yours. 100% reliable.
  11. Dropping price to $899. Pregnant wife motivating me. If you got this gun for $999 from Atlantic it would cost 3-4 hundred dollars for the modifications and barrel threading this has. Plus $150 worth of CSSpecs magazines.
  12. Where can one find the factory magwell out of curiosity? Can that be retrofitted on a 109?
  13. For your consideration I an forced to sell my Saiga .308. It's been fully converted and is actually one of my favorite guns but my wife is pregnant and is nesting hard and I need to free up some funds for baby preparation. This is a 16 inch barrel Saiga .308 and comes with three csspecs 20 rounders as well as the factory eight rounder and as promag 24 rounder. Every upgrade that can be done has been done including threaded with a PWS flash hider, bonesteel left side folding stock with red jacket arms stock, Dinzag modified safety and enhanced magazine release. 100% reliable with the Csspecs ma
  14. Finally ... just need to figure out the sights.
  15. I have my Bayo lug but not the actual bayonet ... where should the lug be mounted on a 19 inch threaded barrel for proper bayonet position?
  16. I am going to go with the arsenal. For the price it's perfect.
  17. Cool idea Ethan. I like that Haley light mount ... just having a hard time with the bolt on front sight. If Dinzag had his front sight posts available ...
  18. I hadn't really considered that. Would it be secure without a front retainer?
  19. So let me start this out by saying the Saiga 12 is not a poor man's endeavor. For the last two years I have been tweaking this gun to perfection and now it runs anything after having the gas system moved back approximately 2.75 inches. Now I have two problems: a good handguard for my altered gas system and the sights I want. After that I am done. The SBS will have to wait until after my next child is born. Can anyone recommend someone who can make a polymer handguard look awesome for a reasonable price? And are HK sights the way to go if the end goal is a SBS? The Krebs are on my radar just no
  20. I am ready to buy also (as I have been asking for years). Please put me on the list for the first run!
  21. This is good stuff. I've been lurking following the Gabe Suarez saga for a while. Dramatic. As for the CSS .308 mags I own 3 of them only by the fact that they are pricey ... but man they are good. As someone who has tried every magazine offering for the Saiga .308 the CSS mags are the only ones that I feel fit with the AK tradition ... they are heavy, solid and reliable. I routinely use them for drills where they are dropped onto the ground or banged around and have had zero issues with them. Some people complain the angle for the catch where the magazine locks into the mag release is too
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