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  1. Thanks guys, another question. I noticed the promag model only holds 12 rounds and the MD Arms I was looking at held 20 rounds. Are there any issues with such a difference in round capacity? Are the twenty rounders as dependable as the 12's??
  2. Hey guys, I have not been on this site for a long time. But let me ask, when I was on this site, I recall guys talking about drum mags and how there was one that worked great and a couple that were crap. Does anyone have any info on this, thanks, mike
  3. After re-reading this thread and in particular looking all these pictures over, I realized my Tapco Hammer had been polished by me but not re-profiled. I always thought there was excessive resistance as the bolt moved over the hammer but thought that was all natural. My hammer did not look anything like the modified, re-profiled and polished one in the pictures. So I went to work on it and tried to make it look as close as I could to the one illustrated. After I was done, I worked the action back and forth and there was a very noticeable difference in the feel of the action. It is way smoo
  4. question, you see these recoil buffer pads for the Saiga 12. Is there any downside to using one of these? I mean, if a guy were to shoot some 3" by mistake while using the lighter spring, would the recoil buffer save your butt until you corrected the problem?
  5. I just want to thank everyone who has posted here, in particular the last 3 posters. This is a lot of info and good stuff to be sure. There is much to consider and assimilate here, so it may take me a while LOL. Thanks to you all and have a great Thanksgiving. God bless AND, God help America. Mike
  6. wow thats amazing. Mine has only been shortened about 4 inches and a break welded on. Ive polished the heck out of everything internally, ramps, receiver rails, bolt, hammer, etc. Aftermarket puck, factory plug, 3 port gun proper sizes and angle, Installed Jacks new recoil spring guide rod system with reduced power spring and with all that, still not reliable with junk ammo of any kind on any setting. One thing I have noticed, to me the stored hammer creats a lot of resistance as the bolt moves over it. More than I think is necessary. Even though its highly polished, it seems excessive t
  7. Ok I am baffled. I love the video and that is for sure a bad arse weapon and dependable but..... Conventional wisdom is that if you shorten the barrel, your going to affect the gas. The shorter the barrel, the more your going to need to do to make it cycle. This is the very problem I am having with my own gun at the moment. Some believe you must open up the gas ports or add one, etc and others beleive that is crap and you need to add a lighter recoil spring to help it cycle, and some do both but I have not seen anyone who does nothing and has a gun cycle that cheap junk Winchester that r
  8. so how does one find a link to this particular brand of plug? I think Evil was just having some fun, no biggie, mike
  9. Evil dude, what does that even mean??? I assume this is a form of levity?
  10. ok well no Auto plug because it is the one plug that does have some issues and controversy over how and when it works. Either you love or hate them, As to the MD and DPH, I have heard from some web sights that sell them, their feedback slightly favors the MD. The DPH may indeed be more robust, that is important for sure. Now when its said "they all work" yes I understand that, in fact some of the major smiths who build these guns tell you your wasting your time using anything but the stock plug, but in my case, I am searching for some answers and a very slight improvement is needed over th
  11. Lets only talk about the MD ARMS V-PLUG or DPH Arms plug Of those two, give me and idea of your experiences, good bad or indifferent. Thanks, mike
  12. Saiga 12 build Full forward trigger conversion. Tromix FCG (fully polished) Magpul UBR Utility Battle Stock mil spec. MAA Billet one piece internal block/AR Tube Adapter TangoDown US Palm Battle Grip Omega Tactical billet Quad Rail system Polished Bolt and Carrier. BHO/Safety mod Safety selector extra tab mod Competition Muzzle Brake by JTI Shortened barrel 18 ¼” overall including brake by JTI. Barrel trued on lathe, threaded, and welded on Brake Gas system rework by JTI. Full refinish Matte black and Olive drab backed on finish. Sights (pending) 922r compliant.
  13. It seems to me that you play with the settings with the least amount of gas until the rounds stop feeding and cycling properly. and there is no way to be over gassed if you do it that way. You want just enough gas to cyle everything reliably and no more. Then do the same thing for your hotter rounds and keep track of the setting for future use and so long as you keep using that ammo, you are good to go. mike
  14. whats the barrel length on that, looks short?
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