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  1. i just bought a pair from local store, 'Pearce Grips' LCP Grip Extension, twice the lenght of the Ruger extension
  2. The russian logo can be found here: www.brandsoftheworld.com It needs to be cleaned up, but it is there.
  3. i would forget the Hornady powder bushings and get this from MidwayUSA 'BPI MEC Powder Bushing Convertor'. With this you can then use the MEC bushing guides for powder.
  4. Just what he said. Solved my FTE issue. I hand cycle the bolt 500 plus times. Just this weekend I cycled rounds through one those most hated ProMag drums, the firearm fuctioned great. From the hip unsopported not one failure. I have not done nothing to my Saiga 12. Rack that bolt back and let it fly home 500 times.
  5. I think you were on the right track, but I'll explain below. I did just this, thanks and the results listed below. Range Report: Boy are there some crazy replies. I only created this thread because the failures to eject were last rounds only. I did not have a other failures, but the Last Round. Anyways I went to the range this evening after manually cycling the action for 500 plus times and I didn't use any earplugs not needed, thats only for whimps. I loaded up 5 Winchester AA "Super Sport Sporting Clays" 12ga 2.75" 1300 Velocity 1-1/8oz 8 Shot Fired all five in a easy slow manner. each one ejected as they should no failures. I then loaded up the Walmat Feds, fired 5 those and ejected as they should, no failure to eject. Then lastly was the Winchester AA Light Target Loads. Load and behold the greatness of Saiga 12, all 5 ejected and no failures to eject. I fired the rest of those Federals and not a single FTE. I'm pleased with the firearm as it is right now. I have a great starting for my future upgrades.
  6. Yep thats right, I have purcased a S12. Got it back in June. The serial number starts with H12, so is this a 2012 model? I took it to the range last week to cycle some rounds throught it, this is what happened. I started with Winchester AA Heavy Target 2.75" 3dr. eq. 1-7/8 oz 8 shot. loaded five and it shot every round, but failed to eject the last round. Stovepipe. Next I tried Winchester AA Light Target 2.75" 2.75dr. eq. 1-7/8 oz 7.5 shot Loaded 5 and same, every round fired and ejected except for the last round. Stovepipe. I shot another 15 rounds in groups of five, the last round always failed to eject. What can be done to get the last round to eject? Cycle more rounds? I have not done anything to this firearm.
  7. did you have to cut off the rear tab to mount this stock?
  8. were did you get that stock?
  9. 500 bucks, it is cool but not that cool.
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