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  1. The tapco stock has a block attached to it, the ace doesn't and needs a block installed for the ace stock to screw into. Hope this helps. Also you posted this in the Vepr section, which is not a saiga.
  2. I installed the autoplug and it works, my problem is it is very hard to install and take out for cleaning. I need a pair of pliers or a wrench to get it in and out, threads are fine on both gun and plug. And when it is seated its flush, worked at range but when I go to tune it it still is slightly mobile like it depresses the pin itself and moves when tuning it. Will it go in and out easier over time or did I get a bum plug?
  3. Do you find it impossible to take the tac 47 autoplug out without taking the stock off?
  4. Where as a saiga would have a screw for the bottom tab to slide in, my vepr didn't. So I have to grind down the tab to fit into the receiver. Located on the bottom of hand guard and receiver. I love it.
  5. Utg mount, love the hand guard, although fitting it took some dremel work. Shoots great.
  6. Ordered everything from CSS.
  7. Damn no NY good configurations.
  8. Lol I just got google.com with no search results, I did the mod myself last night , put a Lil cut into the safety with my dremel. Worked out great.
  9. It's my first ak, any instructions or video you could link me to
  10. They have the Fastest shipping and Greg has been very helpful with any questions I have ever had. Get all my new furniture, all I need now is for my vepr to arrive.
  11. CSS hit it right on the head with this. Excellent addition to the kushnapup as well.
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