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  1. Part of being a gun owner, you should be informed. If you've looked at any ballistics data of the 7N6, you'll see that it won't tumble until about 2". Do you expected to encounter home invaders no thicker than a tube of caulk? Also, you can feed it Hornady V-Max or some SP. Regardless of what firearm you'll use for SD, would you really want FMJ for in the house? The answer is no.


    For a quick review of Wolf SP: http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=136964&highlight=wolf+5.45x39


    If you say "But I can't find VMax or Wolf". Understood. Ammo is hard to find right now. I bought what I have pre-panic and though I have plenty of 7n6 and Wolf SP, I'm stingy on the VMax. Luckily for practice, the VMax shoots same POI as 7N6 for my rifle, and VMax is my round of choice for 5.45x39 home defense.

  2. Siminov:

    Try looking at a book like the following. This book is for Illinois and I've found it quite helpful. You'll also want to try and see if there's a foragers group in your area, as a book can only go so far and a knowledgable person can highlight the subtle differences that can mean the difference between life and death in foraging:




    Also, here's a couple foraging web sites:




  3. +1 to what Pauly said. For my SKS and Mosen Nagant, I use Moly-Lithium grease. On AKMs, I use a little of this grease on the rails after I clean the rifle with my home made Ed's Red, but even if I don't grease up the rails, they're still pretty much good to go with the residue of the Ed's Red, which has ATF in the ingredients.


    Mix up your own Ed's Red. From this website, you can see how you can make it yourself, and the "why" for each ingredient.:



    From the 'Ed's Red' formula section:

    You can divert a small quantity, up to 4 ounces per quart of the 50-50 ATF/kerosene mix for use as an "Ed's Red-compatible" gun oil. This can be done without impairing the effectiveness of the mix.

  4. TGI was the importer.


    From the description on the CenterFire site, the type 2's have a spot-welded on thread cap. Judgeing by another thread here regarding removing the pinned on threadcaps, these were relatively easy to remove; not much finesse involved here (thankfully).

  5. Hello,


    New member here, long-time lurker. I recently picked up a Vepr 2 and thought I'd share a picture of the threaded barrel with the thread protector removed (a small way to pay back all the folks that've posted tips/picts that helped me so much with my Saiga conversions). I was anxious to see what these threads looked like and how to remove the cap, so I dove in last night. I used my Dremmel to grind down on the weld point until I saw a sliver of daylight. I then broadened the ground down area until it was pretty thin and then unscrewed the cap, breaking off what was left of the ground down area and the welded plug. Enjoy...


    Vepr 2

    Threaded barrel

    Thread Cap

    Thread Cap inside

    Thread Cap And Dremmel

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