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  1. More US-made products is always a good thing, especially if they come from a small business owner with a good work ethic. Magpul started with, well, magpuls, and look at where they are today. I'd say your first product is a hell of a lot cooler.
  2. Bad blizzard in Tulsa. Just grateful to be home.

  3. Back on the topic of storms, Oklahoma is being hammered by a blizzard right now. I crashed my Bimmer into a state trooper's car and then got it stuck on the highway on the way home. I was stranded there for three hours before someone I knew with a front-wheel drive car could come get me. I am just glad to be home at this point.
  4. I sincerely hope you didn't buy that thinking it was made by Aimpoint.
  5. I had a PK-AS on my S12. It's a nice optic, but I got a Chaos quad and a Trijicon Reddot to replace it with. The PK-AS is now on my AES-10B.
  6. If you like fish, go to the White River Fish Market. It's near the airport and they get their seafood flown in fresh every day from both coasts.
  7. I own one. In addition to being extremely robust, it is a high-quality optic with little distortion and excellent light transmission. Having said that, you are crazy if you think the image quality is going to be nearly as good as anything made by Leupold. The PK-AS is a combloc military-issue sight manufactured in Belarus (a tinpot dictatorship), whereas the Prismatic is a high-end consumer product made in the US, with the best materials and most modern manufacturing processes available. Both are fine products, but if you don't mind spending the extra money and don't need a sight that can be r
  8. I understand that the only health care "reforms" being pushed by either side are special interest-backed scams, and I have yet to be presented with compelling evidence that BHO was born outside of the US. What does that have to do with rule of law?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=druQ6olIfm4 Just for the record, I am of the opinion that the health care and birth certificate "debates" are stupid distractions and of they are of little to no actual importance. I still found this humorous.
  10. I think it's better if no one gets nuked, personally. Also, I wonder if they got the idea from Dr. Strangelove.
  11. That video of what appears to be a kidnapping and not an arrest is disconcerting. It's pretty bad when the least-disturbing scenario is that the guy is actually an agents-provocateur being "rescued."
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