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  1. Thanks Sion and groovy mike....and everyone else. The more I read, The more I think I just want to buy a cheap over under for Trap. I Heard CZ-USA has some good/cheaper ones. If the CZ shotgus are the same quality as their pistols I know I'll like it. They have over unders in the 600-900 range with is what I can spend. Diff cant dish out thousands for a trap gun / nor want too. Anyways, as far as the S12 goes. I do have a 2 round mag, and I've just been loading through the chamber...which is a big pain in the butt. I think I'll just do a neon front bead or raised front sight attachment
  2. Hi everyone, This is my first post, so hello agian! I just finished my trigger,pistol grip,stock and forend mod on my saiga. I bought lots of my stuff off of carolinashootersupply, they were great. I had it out to test with some friends at the range and decided to try it on some clays at the trap houses. I was wondering if anyone could suggest my best options for trap shooting sights? I've seen online that some people will just thread in a neon bead upfront (easy,cheap and looks good)...but what about the rear hornsight? The stock sights are all black and I'd like better target aqui
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