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  1. How do you adjust the eye relief on a posp? It looks like the only adjustment on the scope is for focus?
  2. >>Beautiful... good job with the stock. >>Did you refinish it? Or did it come that way? Thanks! If you seach for my old posts, there is a thread where several other members offered advice for my "woodie project". I ordered the wood stock from Krebs, it had a dull finish which I removed, sanded and then refinished with polyurethane stain. Other members suggested tung oil, which gives good results, too. cu, dd
  3. Hello Thanks to the help I received on this board, I freed my 7.62 from its plastic and the results?! Well, I never tire of showing off the finished project....
  4. That's the other problem I am worried about... The scope sits soo low to the rifle, I cannot slide in onto the rail. It makes contact with the regular sight body and also hits the led case cover. Maybe the scope is just too big for this gun? I was hoping the correct claim is going to raise it up a notch. thanks.. pharmer
  5. Another impulse buy at the gun show... I hit table after table looking at optics for my Saiga 7.62 x 39, and no one carried the mounting brackets. Finally, way back in the corner of the room, I find a table with Russian scopes on rifles. The vendor is a smiling grandfatherly type, but he doesn't take plastic, cash only. Also, he only has one scope to sell which is not attached to a rifle. I recognize it as the posp and he assures me it fits the Saiga. We shake hands on the deal, I feel like I am buying something from a relative. Later, when I try to attach the scope, no dice.
  6. There was table after table of ammo vendors at the gunshow today. Best price on Wolf green case hollow pty was $39.99 per 500. But the line was long and I had second thoughts about lugging that much lead around for the next hour. I found another table with BrownBear FMJ, the neat copper color stuff for $12 per #120 rounds and settled for that. Then as the guy is ringing me up, I see a small neatly lettered sign: 7.62x39 strippers 40 rds for $5 Why not? Throw one of those in, too. Now, I am wondering, what did I buy? Some hyper-corrosive junk or a great steal on some gun
  7. Hello Hemophilic, Yes, I can tell you there is an improvement in the balance and feel of the wood furniture, at least in the way the gun fits me... The wood stock has an actual cheek piece instead of a straight comb so I find my line of sight is raised about an inch higher now and this is more comfortable. The grip is also lower and drops my shooting hand about an inch, and for me, this is also an improvement. The wood forestock is about 1/2 inch wider--I'm not sure if that improves my shooting, but I like the feel of it. I have seen it suggested on this forum that you can
  8. Hello, I've found out that "it's cheaper on the internet" price can be beat if you watch for sales at the sporting goods chain stores. The Wolf 7.62x39,122 grain, FMJ bullet 20 rounds per box, 25 boxes, 500 rounds goes for about $45.00 plus shipping and handling on the net. Gander Mountain sells it for $1.99 per box and discounts it another 10% when it is on sale. So, it's tough to beat $1.79 per box out the door..... Only thing is, at Gander Mountain, you do feel a bit like a second class citizen. Due to their 'politically correct' management policy, they do not stock Saiga
  9. Hello, This post is just showing off the finished project. Thanks again for all the help I received here on proper treatment for the wood. SteveM, you can order from Krebscustom.com for $45. They also have the ugly, ugly, plastic stocks for $35 Come to think of it, so do I.... Here you go wood fans.....
  10. Hello, Thanks for the follow up to my question; this forum is a great source of information. I am reminded how long it would take to figure out some of this stuff by trial and error. Hartzpad was even kind enough to send an email explaining about non-Saiga mags and what is required to make them function in a Saiga. So, thank you sir for your help! I understand now that IT IS LEGAL to modify the gun (via 5 US parts rule) to accept non-Saiga mags. And it IS NOT LEGAL to 'manufacture' a (hi-cap) magazine for the original gun by modification of the magazine only (Saiga or non-Saiga).
  11. Hello, Remember the link I posted for 10 rd Saiga mags for only $12.00 at Krebscustom? And I was asking if the price was too good to be true? Turns out it may have been, they have been backordered for over a month now.... So, imagine my surprise when I came across a source for Polish Secret Service magazines that claims "Looks great and matches the Saiga rifles." Yep, it's right here on ebay...Item number: 3663477505 Previous threads on here have talked about modified catches, homemade bullet guides, filing down, building up, AND with possibly illegal results. This beginne
  12. Thanks to Sheik and aka108, I am off to a good start. Here's a look at day 2 of the refinish project.....
  13. Thanks! to Sheik and aka108 for the assist. Lucky for me the Saiga wood from Krebscustom did not need much surface prep work. Here's a look at day 2 of the refinish project and two coats on so far... (image attached hopefully)
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