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  1. That magazine still allows the bolt to go over the rounds. Now that magazines are getting hard to find, it may be a while before I get my hands on a new metal 30 rounder. i think I like the tactical catch, but I'll have to play with it a bit before I know for sure. i made my own bullet guide from gas pipe. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the problem- the guy that handles transfers for me has a krebs ak and I took measurements on his BG. His and mine had the same specs, miraculously. Thanks for the help. I just need to get out there and shoot it to see how it does. Snow is s
  2. I installed a Ram tactical catch and was a little more careful when filing it. Now 5 of my six mags work right and I could probably file it a little bit more but i will wait till I have some new eastern bloc mags to test fit. The one mag that still doesn't work was a cheaper plastic 30, so I think it may be out of spec. I used the nut and bolt supplied with the catch instead of the rivet, at least until I can get to the range to test this out. I'm looking forward to having this thing done and reliable like an ak ought to be. I can't tell you how many times I've thought might sell this and
  3. Thanks for the replies! It's a 7.62 I converted with the G2. It was totally reliable before conversion. And yes , It was incredibly gritty going over the bolt carrier so I polished all the parts that contacted eachother. Exactly the problem you described with the G2. When it FTF, the bolt gets just barely over the round before it starts pushing it forward. The round starts to seat but can't pop up once it gets past the lips of the mag, so the bolt jams the bullet in place at and angle. Our bolts measure exactly the same (22.987mm on mine), so I'm hoping it's pointing in the direc
  4. Hey All, Quick question. My bolt is riding over the top of the round every so often causing a FTF. I polished my bolt and some other parts, but i really don't think I took any material off. It seems to me that it has to be one of three things: 1) I really did take some material off the bolt, and now the bolt doesn't hang down low enough to push the next round into place every time. Could anyone with calipers give me a reading from their own 7.62 bolt, bottom to top? 2) I did take a very very slight bit too much off my mag catch. On my metal mags, they don't move up and down. I ha
  5. Okay, i spent a little time and I figured out that I made a noob mistake. I never realized that there was a disconnector spring to transfer from the saiga fcg to the tapco. I had no spring in there and the disconnector was never engaging with the hammer. Just the hook. This oversight caused a lot of frustration. Off the reinstall my FCG the right way!
  6. I just got back and I have the sane problem with my 7.62. Tapco G2. This is what is happening: put in mag, pull back charging handle, let her fly home. Pull trigger, BANG. Next bullet is chambered but the hammer is already up against the firing before I have pulled the trigger. Obviously, pullng the trigger again does nothing. The gun worked flawlessly before the conversion when I just had the homemade bullet guide in. Oh, and I did get a nice 3-4 round burst, and it was def not a bump fire. Incredibly exciting and disconcerting as well. I was holding with a death grip, hard to m
  7. Okay, i converted my 7.62 sporter today. I do remodeling so I have an incredible amount of tools and that helped. Before starting i trolled these sights for a long time. This one in particular was helpful: http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/Step_1.htm 1. Use a dremel with cutoff wheel to grind the rivets down flat on the trigger guard. Don't spend $25 or more on shipping on a new trigger guard when the one you already own will work great. I found that I didn't need to drill and bolt the end of the trigger guard that slides under the mag catch if I didn't do too much bending o
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