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  1. Sorry to hear about everyones loss, I'm glad I never sent him mine
  2. I replaced both main springs on mine with softer performace springs, now it feeds bird shot, put a buffer pad in it to be safe.
  3. Not sure if this will help but I had to do this to 3 shottys so far, I found the front of the trigger assy was hitting the reciever edge and not allowing the trigger to reset all the time, remove the trigger assy and trim the reciever edge with a dremel or file.
  4. OK here's what will fix it, replace both main springs with performance springs from CSS, no more FTE's with low brass. And they're only six bucks each.
  5. After I did all of the above mods and was still getting stove pipes "FTE's" with low brass I ended up tuning my recoil by replacing both main springs with performance springs from CSS, they are a much softer spring, now it finally works, also made a recoil buffer pad but its not needed for low brass.
  6. It never gets old looking at Paul's work, I think it would be cool if he shined up an entire s 12, all the metal parts, but i'm not sure you'd be able to look at it without a welders helmet lol. Paul what is the procedure to send you a bolt and payment, I'd like to do it this winter when I don't shoot much. Didn't know Cobra did bolt work, Cobra lets see your work, maybe I'll send you my bolt since Paul seems to be very busy, or do you just fix the functionality of the bolt?
  7. Have you replaced the main spring yet? CSS sells a softer performance spring for six bucks, I had to replace both main springs to make mine work great, so order 2 just in case.
  8. Ya thats what I thought, I spent alot of money and time to fix such a simple thing, mine is not the only one, my best friend had the same problem, we put my spring assy in his s12 and woohoo it shot his 20 round drum mag with no stove pipes, and this was low brass, I made a recoil buffer pad out of a mouse pad its just a a 1 1/2 inch by 1 inch pad with a big hole in it, slip it over your spring at the rear where metal meets metal, or buy one for ten bucks. Changing the rear spring requires knocking a pin out and it may not be easy, mine was, my friends was a bitch. And you can always put the
  9. When you get done trying all that and it still stove pipes, do what I did, get 2 performance springs and replace both main springs, they're softer springs, I know what your going through I've been there, carrolina shooter supply has them for 6 bucks each, now mine is 100% reliable. One way to know for sure is put the buttstock on your hip and if it works then, well you know its a recoil issue, put softer springs in and it'll work, I've polished, ported and prayed, but the springs fixed it. GET THE SPRINGS.
  10. After doing all the other mods 1st, my last resort was to replace both main springs with weaker/ softer performance springs from CSS, now it feeds low brass, I also made a recoil buffer pad, there 6 bucks each.
  11. I agree, I have put about a 1000 rounds through it before I went with the springs, now it works.
  12. I already have another topic on this but I'll chime in, I put 2 performance springs from CSS on mine, replaced both stock springs, now it has half the recoil and NO FTE with bulk low brass.
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