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  1. Does anyone know of a way to make an MKA California legal without registering it as an assault weapon? From what I understand, unless I can find a way to make the magazine non-detachable (bullet buttons are illegal), I will have to register it or become a felon.
  2. I have had my MKA since April. The only time I have had trouble with light strikes is when shooting trap at the local range. They sometimes make me put a rubber band to catch the shell as it ejects. The rubber band would stop the bolt from going all the way forward. Without the rubber ban no problem. I have experienced a slam fire on the weapon twice. After the first I broke it down, clean and inspected everything. Went back to the range and got another. Only once though. Anyone have any ideas on this? The gun is completely stock. I have about 1000 rounds through it and was sh
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