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    Promag 10rd Drum question...

    I just purchased a Promag 10rd drum. I fitted it, and it snaps in fine, but, there is a lot of up and down play on the front hinge when the drum is snapped in and seated. My MD 20, has absolutely no play, is this common with the Promag drums? Will this effect feeding? Thanks guys.
  2. BlackBird97

    New Saiga 1st range shoot (Pre-Conversion) W/Pics!

    Your rear sight is on backwards .
  3. BlackBird97

    Tac-47 Auto-Plug

    Does anybody know if you have the CSS reliability kit, with the reduced power spring, and the CSS puck, can you use the Tac-47 reliably? Or do you have to put back in the factory spring/puck? Thanks much. I'm considering switching my MD plug, for the Tac-47.
  4. BlackBird97

    new folding stock coming soon

    Pictures on the gun!!!
  5. BlackBird97

    Best Folding Stock Mechanism ?

    Thank you for your quick response. I've gone back and fourth about going with the BoneSteel system, ultimately, I think I am going to cut the tang and use an internal receiver block because I want a shorter LOP. I know there are a few different companies making the folding mechanism for the internal block, I was just wondering if one company made a better product than another. Thanks again.
  6. BlackBird97

    Best Folding Stock Mechanism ?

    This might have been posted before, so I'm sorry if this is a repeat. I was just wondering what the best *Most Solid* folding stock mechanism is? Thanks guys.
  7. BlackBird97

    new folding stock coming soon

    Will they accept AR style recoil pads?
  8. BlackBird97

    Issue with magazine catch MD20

    I was helping a buddy of mine out with his new S12 and one of the things we were doing is fitting the MD20 drum. It looks like on the newer S12's , they have a different magazine release and it's preventing the MD20 from fitting properly. Has this happened to anybody else? Do you know if there is a solution to this? Thanks much.
  9. BlackBird97

    Can't say enough how pleased I am with my conversion.

    What type of stock adapter is that? Is it folding? That gun looks awesome btw!
  10. BlackBird97

    Fixed, Collapsibleor Folding Stock?

    Excellent comparison post! Thanks for taking the time to write that up.
  11. BlackBird97

    Fixed, Collapsibleor Folding Stock?

    Any ar stlye stock will hit the optics mount and be held slightly out(not quite fold parallel) The tube with no stock has about .050 clearance from the rail. As they don't lock folded(just held by spring tension) it does not cause a problem, and they will stay folded, but I still suggest right folders for rifles with a scope rail. Great information. I have another question, I'm not sure if you'll know the answer to. If you are using the right side folder will one of the oversized charging handles clear it when folded?
  12. BlackBird97

    Fixed, Collapsibleor Folding Stock?

    I am greatly considering this option. When folding to the left, what stocks will clear the optics mount?
  13. BlackBird97

    Fixed, Collapsibleor Folding Stock?

    My bad, I didn't hit the space bar. Collapsible OR Folding Stock. I can't edit the title. Would a mod be able to help me out ?
  14. BlackBird97

    Fixed, Collapsibleor Folding Stock?

    I was just wondering what people's preferences were. Currently on my build, I'm using a cheap Tapco Warsaw length fixed stock that I bought used for cheap just for T and E on my conversion. Are there any practical pro's or con's to any of these setups? Also, with folders, how operable is the shotgun when folded? I've noticed that it looks like the stock blocks the trigger or obscures the grip?Thanks guys for your input.
  15. BlackBird97


    I want a free conversion!