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  1. how do i adjust the redstar trigger to have a lighter pull? i see 3 places to adjust just dont know which ones do what
  2. WTB-All Saiga Surefire Promag-7.62x39 MAGAZINES Looking for all sizes of mags for -NON converted- saiga 7.62x39 rifle Trade a Russian triangle aks 74 Triangle folder STOCK ONLY no hardware and unissued Soviet wood handgaurds (vented)
  3. I wanted to keep my stock saiga handgaurds. I cannot install a rail over my dust cover because I have a triangle folder. I realy just wanted to know if I could put a rail on the top of the gastube. Or what scout scope rails you would recommend.
  4. Thanks for the replies I'm gonna bring it to my neighbor I trust that if he sees the videos he'll do it right.
  5. I have 2 just the stock i just don't know if it's 4.5 yet I will check tonight tryin to get rid of it so I will sell for mark down
  6. I am wondering what the best way of removing the DIMPLED FSB and Dimpled gas block log. I would like to install my 74 FSB and GBL any advice would be great. Thanks
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