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    Saiga .308 conversion build notes

    I've never used one but they seem to be frowned upon here. I'm sure most people will tell you to do it the right way. The main problem is that those kits are expensive (compared to a conversion kit), don't put the grip in the correct spot, and don't change the trigger so you still have a sloppy trigger pull.
  2. Not to bring down an awesome thread but if you're going to bash the younger generation's English maybe you should check your own grammar and spelling. "Alot" isn't a word and "better than" is what you should use when comparing things.
  3. pirateaboard

    confused-how many 922r parts on s308?

    Post your sources that claim the .308 has other parts.
  4. pirateaboard

    Need help with trigger guard on recent purchase *PICS*

  5. pirateaboard

    What to do with the BHO lever on my gun?

    I trimmed down the overall length and still had interference so I notched it. It's still fully functional just the tab is smaller. I'll probably never use it but it's there if needed.
  6. pirateaboard

    Maybe it had a $7000 scope?

    Looks like the bottom number was $825 then someone squeezed in a 0, scribbled it out, then rewrote it.
  7. pirateaboard

    Who has conversion kits in stock?

    I had this same problem a few weeks ago with parts being out of stock. Carolina Shooters Supply gives you a list so you can piece together your own stuff. I bought a G2 trigger, trigger guard, and pistol grip nut from them and the rest of the parts from Amazon. It was better than waiting for every single piece to be available from one source. At this point you're better off ordering from two places and pay a bit extra on shipping than wait for a single source.
  8. pirateaboard

    Bolt lock necessary for converted S308?

    Maybe I'm lucky but it couldn't have taken longer than 3 minutes putting it in using a flathead screwdriver and needle nosed pliers.
  9. pirateaboard

    Saiga .308 conversion build notes

    Unfortunately folding and adjustable stocks are illegal in MA. I'm building wood furniture so I think I'll just copy the one I have on there but make it about an inch longer.
  10. I just finished my first Saiga conversion on my .308 thanks to plenty of threads here, youtube videos, and CSS / Amazon for parts. I used a modified Tapco G2 trigger group, Tapco stock, and a Hogue grip. Just some things I've noticed with my gun that I didn't see in some other threads about conversions. 1. I didn't have the rivets in the side of the gun for the original trigger. This also means that I didn't need to buy hole plugs. 2. My gun had the square hole for the pistol grip nut. I was prepared to cut my own but this must have saved me at least an hour. 3. Instead of having three rivets for the original trigger guard I had one rivet at each end and what appears to be two tack welds in the middle. Those two welds were the most time consuming to remove and grind flat. A dremel should be mandatory to do this job properly. 4. CSS said that new holes needed to be drilled for the trigger guard and they were right. Both front and rear needed to be drilled. Conveniently there was a hole in the original trigger guard which didn't go through into the receiver showing exactly where the stock hole should have been. I just marked it and drilled it. 5. I needed to trim the trigger guard for the bolt hold open to fit. I notched one corner about 1/4". 6. Definitely trim the BHO. I cut off maybe 1/8" (just guessing) and wish I went further. 7. My safety lined up and works perfectly. No need to extend it or grind it. I saw this pinned in the .308 forum and was dreading this problem. Overall I'm very happy with it and can't wait to take it to the range. I wish the Tapco stock was a bit longer since the gun is just over 3" shorter from the stock configuration. The Hogue grip feels great and was certainly worth the $20 for me. If anyone else is looking to convert their .308 I'd say check for the spot welds and side rivets and adjust your plan accordingly.
  11. pirateaboard

    CSS specs 20 round fit

    I just got a 10 rounder in the mail; Snaps in beautifully.
  12. pirateaboard

    Where can I get Saiga .308 wooden stocks?

    I have a post going in the classifieds right now looking for the furniture as well. I saw a set on gunbroker for $150 this morning. I like the look of wood but for me I don't care enough to spend that much. I emailed all the recommended channels and Izhmash directly but no one has anything cheaper (that I could find). As for me, I plan on carving my own foregrip then converting so the buttstock won't be hard to get a cheap replacement for. Good luck!
  13. pirateaboard

    WTB: Stock wood furniture for Saiga 308

    Still looking. Would also consider purchasing just the stock wooden foregrip.
  14. Just bought a Saiga 308 and want to replace the plastics with a matching set of wooden furniture. I'm not looking to convert to a pistol grip style; just replace the buttstock and foregrip with the wooden equivalent.