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  1. I removed my spring and bent it a little to relax the tension. Replaced the spring and the pin went in very easily and there is a little tension on the pin to hold it if the retainer falls off. The problem I did have was installing the release latch. I had to file the latch and the rear reciever just a little to get to slide in. In fact it's still a little tight and wont fully engage when I drop the dust cover. I end up having to rack the bolt a few times to get it to fully extend. Still love this cover.
  2. He didn't talk me out of a PTR.. but he wasn't talking me into a Saiga either. He had the opinion that the PTR was prone to more trouble and since the Saiga was less expensive and relatively trouble free that the Saiga would be his choice for a .308. I have to say I'm very happy with this decision. Other than being a heavy bastard (wood hunting stock, SGM muzzle break, and POSP scope), it's an awsome rifle.
  3. Yes, do you have the forearm as well?
  4. Thanks guys. I saw Ironwoods site earlier, I'll give them a call and see if they can help. I think the S12 stock fitted for my .308 would be just about right. I was shooting this gun yesterday and the stock shape is almost perfect for me. Man! I love shooting this gun!
  5. I can't find a good source for quality wood, hunting (original) furniture. I like Timbersmiths SKS stocks, but they don't have anything like that for Saiga's on their site. Not interested in a full conversion. Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks Hog, found a good one
  7. Gentlemen, and perhaps ladies, I recently purchased a Saiga .308 here in Calif. upon the advice of my gunsmith not to get a PTR91. I think I made the right decision and saved a lot of $$. I can't take possession of the gun for another week but I wanted to get familiar with operations and dissasembly. I found the manual for Saiga's but the photos are poor. Is there a clear write up with photos someone has done here to help me see how to disasemble the rifle correctly? Thanks for any help, and I'm enjoying all the posts on mods for this rifle. I can tell this Saiga is going to get fun q
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