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  1. Well, I just compared my AGP followers to factoru Saiga followers. The front leg of the Saiga follower is 1/4" shorter than on the AGP. Just like their website says, I will trim off the front leg of the AGPs and see how it works.
  2. Thanks guys. I don't see any marks indicating that my mags are Gen 2, but I'd hate to go cutting on the followers without knowing for sure. Does anyone have a measurement so I can tell if my followers are OK to cut down?
  3. After the bolt locks back, empty mag is removed and full mag is inserted, how to you release the bolt back forward? I assume you just pull back slightly and let go but I wanted to make sure. Also, do you have a website to place order on or do we just deal with you directly?
  4. How do you tell the difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2? I don't know which ones I have but they are impossible to insert on a closed bolt.
  5. Great thread! Does anyone know how to make a BHO using the safety lever? I've hear of people doing this but have never seen it. I only want one for the 12ga because it's so hard to insert a mag with the bolt closed. I've never been able to do it although I have seen a friend insert a mag on a closed bolt. If I could, I'd rather have an auto BHO than a manual. Thanks in advance!
  6. Another decent book is "The AK47 Story".
  7. Hmm, no I didn't load them to full capacity. Well, can somebody actually post a picture of the modification to the follower? Everyone is explaining it in a couple of paragraphs but a picture is worth a thousand words! It just doesn't register with me unless I can see it... you know?
  8. There seems to be a large gap in the info about doing this mod. Yes, modified Weiger mags work great, but they are expensive and if you have more than one .223 AK you don't want "special" mags just for the Saiga. This was the case. So I got out the old Dremel tool and ground down the front trunnion lugs until a Bulgarian 5.45 mag would fit tight. That's all I did. To my surprise all ten of my 5.45 mags fit and fed (hand cycling). I was expecting to have to buy or make special followers but these are good so far. Another surprise was that my three modified Weiger mags still fit tight and f
  9. How are those Promag mags working for you? I keep wanting to buy some but scared that they won't be good quality or feed right. Sweet setup by the way!
  10. I just watched "The Kingdom" last night and Jamie Fox used an AK with that same handguard/grip setup. I was wondering what it was.
  11. It's like I always said... The only thing to fear is fear itself. I don't mean to take from your experience, but rather to encourage others who are afraid to try. It's not that bad. And yes, we need pics!
  12. I wouldn't say that 5.56 isn't in the USA. Many of us buy suprlus ammo in 5.56 all the time for various reasons. I wish we could get a straight answer on the safety issue. I know that in an AR-15 you can use .223 in a 5.56 chambered rifle, but not the other way around. That's why most people want their AR-15 chambered in 5.56. It seems nobody can answer the same question about the Saiga. I had no idea Saiga made both chamberings, but if it's like the AR-15 then I'd want the 5.56 chambering so I could use both. Another safety issue people talk about is wether you can use .308win in a
  13. If you're worried about the rivet heads being ground off, you could put new rivets in there. You can get a complete rivet set for about $8.00, then us a modified pair of bolt-cutters to smash the new rivets in place. Grind the rivets down shorter, then smash them flush in there. I used a $10.00 pair of bolt-cutters so the monetary investment isn't much.
  14. I had wondered about that one for CTD with the rail on the side. Any pics of the other side?
  15. That looks great! What kind of optic is that you're using? What type of mag?
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