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  1. Love it! Haven't laugh this hard in a while.
  2. So did the SBS with the full length gas system run? I saw the pics and it looks great but didn't see anything about how it functioned or what ammo it liked. just curious.
  3. Is this a joke? It's just strange.
  4. I'd say as much as necessary to let the bolt & carrier go fully forward but not so much that the puck is sliding back and forth with the plug in.
  5. 45Bretired

    Make Sense?

    Looks good but I noticed you put a light spring in it. I'd put the original back in and see how it runs. I'd bet you need a little more gas for it to run with the original spring. Alot of people here are just as against that srping as I am. Hey it's your gun but I really think the lighter spring is a bad idea. I'm guessing evl didn't see that parts list he usually would have said something.
  6. I say get the kit #1 THROW THE SPRING AWAY!!! #2 use the puck it rocks and keep in mind you may have to shave/grind a little off the nipple.#3 use th V-Plug. All this is in the kit. Remember #1 don't change your factory springs. If the gun starts to run perfect with the puck and V-Plug have fun playing for a while then go buy an Auto Plug. If it is still giving you trouble open you gas ports in small increments like one drill bit up each time taking very little metal and do it at the correct angle which means remove the gas block! It's not hard and it's really the only correct way to do it. #4
  7. That's an evlblk Weapon not a Tromix. One of the things I do to any gun I build besides make sure it reliably cycles Winchester Universal Walmart Bulk Pack by the truck load is let my wife shoot it. She can shoot a pistol more accurately (slow fire) than I can, she is pretty handy with an AR Iron sights, red dots or scope hell she even shoots AK's with Iron sights pretty well but she just can't seem to get the whole get into the gun thing that's necessary with a semi auto shotgun down for some reason. Now she is 5'1" 105lbs so maybe it's that even low brass beats her up a bit. If it cycles wit
  8. Yes you can. Most of the left hand ones I've seen have been tapped and threaded. I'll be doing mine as soon as the wife goes back to work.
  9. Exactly what jetmech said. +1 that's what I had to do.
  10. I just met a Russian guy on Casino Beach in Pensacola and being an armature Russian speaker at best I took the chance to talk guns with him. He's only 25 but has heard of Tromix and I could not believe this he didn't know hardly anything about Izzy, except they make AK's. He thought all the AK BASED shotguns were something we made here. Didn't make sense because you have to have a smoothbore permit before a rifled permit over there. Maybe his age was the factor. But Tony people know!
  11. Sorry about the high jack but shoot2thrillU yes loctite does have a shelf life I just recently found that out myself. Don't know exactly how long but it will go bad.
  12. I'm good. Just kinda astonished at where this thread has gone. Really was looking for, sure I had that issue filed down all good. This has gotten pretty technical here. I'm afraid we may scare off some new comers or those with absolutely no machinist style measuring back grounds. I got my answer along time ago and thanks CSS for making a great puck. I recommend them all the time.
  13. Man it's nice to see a no BS vid of people just having fun shooting. Thanks I needed that.
  14. My S12 was spotless when I discovered the issue and after I noticed that I was seeing a little to much extractor I unscrewed the plug and watched it close the gap then screwed back in and watched it open. Obviously a problem, was also a gap on the left and there is still a small gap on the right as it should be. When I said earlier it was locking up solid I was referring to the left, my bad I should have been more clear. Also I said over stressing the op rod and I should have said the carrier. I also wonder if it had something to do with the Auto Plug adjustment screw backing out as fast as i
  15. I put at least 700 rounds through it before I noticed it. I just wanted it to go fully forward the way it was designed to and yes it would have eventually over stressed the rod and like I said the unlikely event of a case rupture could have caused a safety issue like sending the extractor flying out it was pretty visible through the gap. It's a very simple fix and no harm no foul. I was mostly wondering if anybody else had noticed it or had the same issue.
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