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  1. t3mac21

    I reload for my Saiga .223. Yes, the rifle does ding the cases. To mitigate the problem, buy some black self adhesive door edge molding at an auto store and apply it to the edge of the receiver cover. Read this thread. It works. You may still see a mark but it is very much reduced and is not dangerous. If a round catches the neck and distorts it, a nail set will fix it enough to run through a resizing die.

    Reloading can be fun especially during the winter months if you live up North and can't shoot often. Lee reloading equipment is probably the most economical way to go to get started. The " Lee Anniversary Kit" is worth looking at. I have one and it got me started. Make sure you read up on the process of reloading especially regarding powder loads. Start with a medium load and work up.

    As far as costs go, you can buy 1000 55gr FMJ boattails from Berry's Bullets for $101 shipped. You've got the brass. Primers are about $.03 a piece. Powder is about (guess) 4-5 cents a round. You decide.

    Good luck


  2. I dont know too much about fitting the adapter to the wasr3 but I did it to my Saiga 223 with a dremel. Its not to difficult as long as you go slow. The carbide cutters make quik work of the trunnion(relatively speaking) and are very controllable. Just look at the other threads about the measurements and if yours can be made to those said measurements you should be fine. I picked up a digital micrometer and it was very helpfull.


    thanks foreign firearm friend for the quick response, i plan on doing exactly as you say, and GO SLOW...

    any tips on that digital micrometer tho?....i picked one up when i got those carbide cutters earlier, cause i didnt have a micrometer lying around either lol...but it looks like i had envisioned them working out better...

    i just went with the inexpensive "general ultratech" digital micrometer...but i cant squeeze them into the frame of my ak...so im wondering if there are better micrometers out there with longer "arms" that will get me into the tight spot i need them...otherwise i was going to either glue some pieces to it, or measure the two sides and the whole and subtract the difference...what type micrometers are you using?

    i guess i can just return the ones i got and find "better" ones if need be



    I installed an MSA adapter in my Saiga and did all of the cutting with a Dremel tool. Take your time, fit, fit, and fit again. I'm not a machinist and never played one on TV. I used a digital CALIPER for my measurements. I already had one because I reload and use it to compute my bullet O.A.L.. Instead of using the "jaws" of the tool, there is a narrow "shaft" (my non-machinist ignorance) that extends from the opposite end that allows depth measurements into narrow spaces.

    Hope that helps and apologies to machinists around the world.

  3. There's been a lot written about M.S.A. in this forum, unfortunately, much of it has been negative. I just want to relate my own experience with Nathan and M.S.A..


    I was one of a group of folks to pre-order an AR-15 mag adapter over two years ago. At that point, the adapter was basically a great idea but did not yet exist as a final product. We were trusting Nathan to produce a great product and he did not disappoint. When I received mine, Nate made a personal follow up call to inquire about the installation and offer advice. I've ordered lots of stuff online but that call was unique and showed me his commitment to a fine product.


    Recently, I had a small problem with the release on my adapter. I contacted M.S.A. and within one week, the glitch was resolved on Nate's dime.


    My experience with Nathan and M.S.A. as been nothing but good. As far as I'm concerned he is a stand up guy.


    Thanks for your great service Nate!

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  4. I have a 20" .223 that I've converted. I use a POSP 4X scope and it works well at 100 yds shooting 3-4"" groups. I haven't used any of those rails but any should work as long as they snug up tight.

    If you take off the stock for-end, you can install a swivel stud (Uncle Mike's or similar) and use a Harris bipod or a cheaper knockoff http://www.amazon.co...d/dp/B0002INWLY

    I did and it worked well . I even moved the stud to the AK style for-end on my conversion.

  5. Nate/MSA,

    I'm glad things are coming back together for you. I know that you were very committed to a quality product from the very beginning. I ordered my "vaporware" adapter very early on in the concept phase. Many of us followed the design and testing process as things happened. You were very frank about the problems you had in development and kept us informed all along. When I received my adapter, you contacted me personally by phone to inquire about any installation problems. I am very pleased with the quality of my adapter.

    To you "Johnny-come-lately's" that want to disparage Nate... Give the man a chance to make things right.


    There but for the grace of God, go I

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  6. Well, if you have to ask, you should treat it as such.


    Asking us doesn't mean anything - Wolf has been known to stick military primers in runs of their "non corrosive" civvy ammo, so ya never really know.


    What's the point of jabbing a new member for asking a valid question? I guess you're correct "Asking us doesn't mean anything"

    Does NALIOTH stand for Never Allow Legitimate Inquiries On THis website?

  7. I have posted about the reliability of the MSA adapter before. I have an early model. I waited many weeks for its delivery. There were problems with the development and people that had pre-ordered were kept up to date of the process. When I finally received the finished product, I received a call from MSA inquiring how the installation had gone and what they could do to help out.

    That doesn't sound to me like a fly-by-night outfit. There were obviously problems with the company but I don't personally believe that the management intended to rip anyone off.

    The adapter works great. Too bad about the aftermath.

  8. Can anyone list a place to pick up some parts to make it into a Saiganov? Also anyone have pics of their's?


    I bought a Choate Mak-90/AK-47 kit and used a Dinzag lower handguard retainer. There's probably cheaper ways to go especially if you have machine shop access. I don't. This is a photo without the Choate lower and upper handguard attached. You could go this way if you like. The muzzle brake is not threaded but fastened with set screws. (Dinzag Arms, discontinued I believe) Bi-pod is a Harris and was attached with an Uncle Mike's sling stud.

    I did add an MSA AR-15 Mag Adapter and the Choate forgrip parts after this photo. It still has the bipod on the new setup.

    I used the G2 single hook trigger conversion like most folk.


  9. Geez!! Anybody can buy a 16" barrel Saiga! :haha:

    Just kidding. I had the same feeling for a while when I got mine. I did do the Saiganov type conversion and I'm glad I did. Granted, in close quarters it would be a bit unwieldy but I can put some 2" groups downrange at 100 meters with reloads. Ain't nothing wrong with a POSP sight on it either. They were made to fit AK's after all.

  10. Christcorp,

    The 20 rounders that I have were a very snug fit in the adapter. I guess I could have removed a bit of metal from the adapter but since the 30's fit very well I opted to mod the mags instead. FTF's have never been a problem with any of the mags I own, C Products, Magpul and NHMTG.

  11. Just to reiterate, you DO NOT need a bullet guide with the MSA adapter. My Saiga works fine with most standard AR mags. Magpul's are 100% out of the box. Alum 30 rounders, good also. 20 round Alums, depends on the mfg and design in MY experience.

  12. Your Saiga comes with an "integral" AKM mount located on the left side of the receiver. There are "Eastern Bloc" scopes available that utilize that accessory. POSP Scope I have a POSP 4X24 scope that is zeroed for my rifle. I remove it after every range session and when I replace it at the next, it is still spot on! If you don't wish to purchase a military scope like the POSP, there are AKM mounts available with Weaver rails AKM Weaver mount that will allow you to mount the scope of your choice.

  13. First of all, I just got this rifle and absolutely love it, but I was wondering if these rifles are just as reliable and durable as their forfathers.

    Also, I'm want to attach a UTG 5th gen quick detachable side mount and was wondering if these mounts are quality and they truely retain zero, even with detaching it on and off and firing. I plan on mounting an EOTech holographic on the mount. Thanks in advance guys!

    Welcome to the site and kudos for your wise choice of the .223 Saiga. It is indeed as reliable as its forbears since it is very little changed from the original design.

    Take some free advice for what it's worth. Before you spend $400+ for an EOTech scope, spend $150-200 and do a conversion. I personally don't see the point in buying a premier scope and coupling it with the crappy trigger that the stock Saiga comes with. We don't know what state you live in but if it is legal, think about the conversion first.

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