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    Did I Get Taken?

    ThirtyAughtSix & 86Camaro, Yeah! I bought my Saiga from the "Good Guys" three years ago. There are a couple of decent folks there but, in my personal opinion, the owner (Scott) and the rest are dicks.
  2. I just wanted to jump in again and praise Nathan's great product. I had one of the earliest made and I have no regrets. I did the install with a Dremel. If you do it that way you definitely need a caliper or depth micrometer. I used my digital caliper that I use for reloading. It really wasn't that hard and the results were well worth the effort. My two factory 10 rounders still snap in and work flawlessly when the adapter is removed. I like the 20 round OKays the best at the range because they are shootable from a bench. They did take a small amount of filing on the front edge to function well. The PMags were A-1 from the start as were the C-Products 30 rd Aluminum mags. Just for "S__ts and Giggles" OKays and C-Products mags are both made within 5 miles of my home (as well as Stag Arms M-16 types) and I had to mail order all of my mags!
  3. pogy


    I don't really know why you would want to do that. First off, I'm pretty sure their primers are already available in the U.S.. I don't know that their new brass cases would be any cheaper than stuff already for sale, especially "once fired" processed military brass. There's a ton of powder options out there as there are .223 bullets of different weights and configurations.
  4. Since the AK platform was made to be operated and maintained by uneducated dolts, I find myself eminently qualified to add my 2 cents. I clean my Saiga every time I shoot be it 25 rounds or 200. I field strip it and clean the bolt and carrier with Hoppe's No. 9 and a toothbrush taking extra care around the extractor. I wipe the cleaned parts with a clean rag. The piston gets wiped with Hoppe's on a rag. Occasionally, I'll clean the gas block with an old 12 gauge brush. I'm not sure if any lube is recommended but I do put a drop on the bolt shaft most times. Never anything on the piston.
  5. Check out the Choate Dragunov Stock. I prefer it over the ATI because it has a more substantial feel. It also has a rubber butt pad and is adjustable for length of pull. It includes front grips unlike the ATI. To use the front grips, you will need a handguard retainer and a regular AK gas tube but you'll be adding 1 U.S. part. Much better price too!
  6. I have the Magnolia State Arms adapter. I ordered it when it was first offered as a "Zytel" insert. That didn't work out in Beta testing and was later offered as a CNC aluminum part. I did all of the installation work myself with a Dremel and a file. It took a bit of careful grinding and filing and fitting but in the end, I'm quite satisfied. P-Mags worked properly immediately. 30 rd Aluminum military spec mags ( C-Products) needed a tad more depth to work properly. 20 round mags (NHMTG) needed some filing on the front edges to slide in.
  7. I really don't know how much that little paper means. It is merely a function test after all. I don't think these people testing the rifle care too much how tight their groups are. After you've shot a hundred rifles before lunch day in and day out........... JMHO
  8. Sorry, I have not checked in for a while. I figured that I would go with the most durable scope available. I bought a POSP 4X24. A higher power would have been nice but this one works.
  9. The price seems pretty good to me. They are not even available right now in my area. I have reloaded brass fired from my .223 Saiga with no problems. I did do the door edge molding cure to stop denting the brass. I installed the Magnolia State Armory AR-15 Adapter to accept standard Ar-15 mags which are readily available. It works especially well with Magpul P-mags. No bullet guide needed.
  10. I live in CT and have converted my .223. CT does not permit the sale of 7.62 X 39 Saigas so they would be illegal in CT. Any mod is legal on a .223 as long as it complies with 922r. I replaced the trigger group with American made parts (3), American made forearm, pistol grip and stock (3). That makes it legal for high capacity foreign mags. I have gone a bit further. I bought and fit a Magnolia State Armory AR-15 mag adapter and now have a total of 9 U.S. made parts when "locked and loaded". This is a good GUIDE to 922r compliance.
  11. pogy

    Relaod .233

    I confess that I haven't been very scientific about my reloading for my .223. I also have a T/C Encore in .223 and it gets most of the reloading attention. It gets all the new brass, Nosler, Barnes ,Sierra, etc. bullets and the Saiga gets the pick up brass and other leftovers. I did buy 1500 55 gr. FMJBT from Berry's mostly for the Saiga because the price was right. I have never shot anything over 60gr from the Saiga. Everything I have shot worked well.
  12. pogy

    Relaod .233

    There are "cures" for the denting problem. One is to find a Valmet buffer and install that. Another is the plastic door molding fix. I use the door molding and have reloaded Saiga .223 fired brass without a problem.
  13. Nathan, I've had my adapter for three weeks now. I was in quite a dilemma trying to decide whether to try to modify the rifle with a Dremel or bring it to a machinist to have it done professionally. Not having a machinist friend, I opted for a Dremel. It took some careful work to get it to fit. I ground the receiver to a depth of .87" and widened it enough to accept the adapter. The key dimension was the front to rear. It took a bit of trial and "no errors" to get the adapter to snap in. I'm pretty sure that it was the extra dimension that was added by the anodizing process that caused the fitting problem. My unit now fits and cycles rounds by hand using PMags only. I have some NHMTG 20 rounders and CProducts 30 rounders and at this point, neither will snap into place. I bought these mags because the concensus among the internet sites I viewed was that these were reliable metal mags. (as an aside, both manufacturers are within 5 miles of my house and are or were OEM for Colt MFG) I really don't have much of a problem staying with the 4 PMags that I have. The adapter is very snug fitting, no probs. If I ground the receiver depth another .01-.02" the metal mags would probably snap in but what would happen to the PMag fit? I like the PMags more than the G.I. aluminums so it's an easy choice. Yup, the color is a bit funky but I'm more interested in function. THanks Nathan S.E.A.L.s 3 - Pirates - 0
  14. I did the Uncle Mike's like MtW. Worked great for me.
  15. I was just wondering how the folks who have received their adapters like them.
  16. Yes! That front trigger guard weld is a bi_ch. I wrecked a couple of drills before I ground it off with a Dremel tool. The BHO is not worth the bother IMHO but that's just me. Can't wait to see your final product. You should be able to get out on "winter vacation" if your arm allows and try it out.
  17. This is probably just a matter of it being new. In any case, you will need to learn how to disassemble it for cleaning, which should be done before firing anyway. Check out this link to a Utube how-to . Wipe down all of the parts with a cleaner such as Hoppe's No. 9, reassemble and then see if it still sticks.If it still does, someone more competent than I will have some sage advice. Enjoy your new Saiga and welcome to the site.
  18. pogy

    Saiga Help

    JMHO, If you're buying a rifle for target and varmint hunting, a Saiga wouldn't be my first choice. While I love my Saiga .223, my T/C Encore .223 is much more accurate. I think for what you want to do a Savage bolt action like a Model 11FNS would do the trick. The Encore route would allow you to add another barrel in a different caliber for around $250.
  19. Can't wait to see some range reports from your project. Some really innovative ideas.
  20. The rifle looks good. Glad it's shooting well for you. I had a similar experience with my brand new .223 Saiga. The first time out I was shooting reloads purchased from Dick's. The same thing happened to me on the first mag through the rifle. It's never happened since. Hope it never happens to you again.
  21. Don't know if that scope would work for you but I do have issues with Optics Planet. I ordered a red dot scope and rings from them last year on a back order. After 6 months and several emails, I canceled. Hope you have better luck than me.
  22. Nice job! Enjoy your new rifle and stock up on ammo before congress taxes it out of sight.
  23. 1:7 means one twist in 7 inches. A heavier bullet needs a faster twist to stabilize it. 1:9 is a slower twist and more suitable for lighter bullets. This topic is more suited to the "Reloading and Ammunition" Forum. Check it out and try some searches.
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