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  1. I have about 1500 rounds of the Hornady 55 gr FMJBT for reloading They work just fine in my .223 Saiga. As far as loads go, powder manufacturers have recommended loads available online. Start low and build up to a load that works well for you. The LC and Privi brass are likely to have crimped primers. You'll find out when you try to drive out the old ones. That's another plate of beans to deal with. I suggest that you buy 100 rounds of new brass to start out for $20 and leave the military reloads for later when you have more experience.
  2. This is my 20" with the Saiga front stock and a Choate Dragunov type butt. It's now wearing an AK style foregrip but I don't have a photo yet. It's a bit longer because of the muzzle brake.
  3. At $215.00, buy both of them and figure it out yourself!
  4. It's great to hear such a positive report from someone who obviously has a range of experience with AK and M-16 types. I'm very happy with my .223 Saiga and with the addition of the Magnolia State Arms AR mag adapter, it should be an ideal SHTF weapon.
  5. pogy

    Saiga .223

    7.62X39 AK's or Saigas are already illegal in my home state (CT). Do you expect any tightening of the rules in the future in your state or your country. Maybe you can take a cue from one of the states that never rescinded their "assault weapons ban". (CT)
  6. Coincidentally, I stumbled across a receipt today from "The Armory" for 1K of 55 gr FMJ Wolf Military Classic dated 1/18/07 for $176.00 shipped.
  7. pogy

    .223 M

    I'm a bit confused and maybe I'm missing something very obvious but the Saiga M .223 that I saw a picture of had the trigger and a thumbhole stock in the standard configuration, that is, after the conversion that many of us have gone through. I thought that the Saigas were "sporterized" for import to avoid any "AK type" restrictions on importation. If they are indeed imported in this configuration, wouldn't you still need to replace foreign parts to legally use a hi-cap mag?
  8. pogy

    .223 M

    Looks like it has a wooden thumbhole stock as opposed to the composite/plastic stock. Sweet! Picture
  9. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=287504
  10. You sick, sick man! Congratulations!
  11. Yes, aka the AK kiss. It is apparently caused by the case striking the receiver cover or bolt handle or both upon ejection. Check for some solutions to the problem. I use the door molding myself and it works well. Photos
  12. pogy

    Orlite Magazine Mod

    Bob, You made me feel guilty that you were spending more time thinking about this than I am. I tried a variation of your "staple" idea. I took a 4d finish nail and bent it into a "U" the width of the cartridge channel on the mag. I drilled two small holes to slip the upside down "U" into. After some fiddling I had the correct height. It hand cycles the rounds pretty well but will still hang one up every few. This may have a lot to do with the O.A.L. of the Wolf ammo. My reloads are a bit shorter and seem to cycle better. I'm sure this is stronger than the first try. I haven't even glued it in yet. It may be quite a while until I get back to the range to test this out. While the idea still intrigues me, I just don't know how much actual utility the mod will have. Thanks for the ideas. Paul
  13. Well, I guess Indy posted the best reply to an often posed question. Gunwiki Saiga Compliance Most of us were total noobs when we got here but after a while, figured most things out by reading the previous posts. You should not feel singled out, ledfarmer. This question has been asked a myriad of times since I have been around. I stumbled onto the Gunwiki site by accident a few days ago. Hopefully, it will help out new visitors in the future.
  14. pogy

    Orlite Magazine Mod

    Thanks for the tips BB. I think I'll hold this little project 'til the depths of winter. I need to clean my fishing gear and then reload all the .223 and 9mm that I shot this summer. My Magnolia State Armory adapter will be here soon and I'll get to play with that. Sorry to see your state went Blue!
  15. pogy

    Orlite Magazine Mod

    That's a thought. Thanks
  16. pogy

    Orlite Magazine Mod

    Got to the range today to test out the magazine mod. It didn't go well! Apparently the J-B Weld is not strong enough to withstand the violent cycling action of the bolt. I got about 4 shots from each of the 2 mags I modified before the glue let loose. It's a bit of a disappointment. Maybe there is a better way to fasten the nail to the mag but I don't have any ideas right now. Just wanted folks to know that it probably isn't worth the bother after all.
  17. See Range Report Below Since my fishing season is over and I don't hunt, I have more time on my hands than usual. That means tinkering with stuff that I ordinarily wouldn't. After doing my .223 Saiga conversion, I picked up a couple of Orlite/Galil 35 round plastic mags for $10 apiece to have when I got Dinzag's bullet guide. Well, the bullet guide never happened. Instead, I'm going to get the AR-15/AK adapter from Magnolia State Armory and go that route. That left the two Orlites orphaned. I decided to see if I could modify them to work without a bullet guide so they wouldn't be wasted. These mags were already modded a la Dinzag's tutorial: http://www.dinzagarms.com/downloads/223_mag_options.pdf to fit the Saiga. Here's what I came up with. To lift the front of the cartridge to line up with the chamber, the front of the mag needs to be built up with something durable. I decided to try a nail. For my first attempt, I used a 4d finish nail trimmed to the width of the front of the mag. I glued it in with some J-B Weld and filed off the slop when it dried. It didn't quite work because the bullet tip would just barely hang up under the nail. After a bit of filing, the mag began to feed and chamber each round smoothly in the Saiga. However, after the filing, there wasn't much of the nail left. For the second mag, I tried a larger diameter nail. This one was .10 inches. (Don't know what type of nail) Here's the process I went through. First the mag needs to be filed so that the nail will be set back as close to the tip of the round as possible without touching it. I did this with a small mill file. Side view Top view This involves a bit of trial and error. I used the whole nail to get the relief right and then cut it to fit. Then it was just a matter of mixing the J-B Weld and gluing in the nail. I let it sit for 24 hours and then filed off the excess glue, reinserted the follower, spring and floorplate and "Voila" a functioning Orlite without the need for a bullet guide. Finished Product As yet, I've not had the rifle to the range to test fire it. The modified mag hand cycles smoothly, chambers and extracts each round. This is the first week of shotgun season in CT and our club range is closed for the week. I'll try to get out next week and will follow up this post with a range report.
  18. Nationalist, CT law reads as follows: Definition. (1) Any selective-fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic or burst fire at the option of the user or any of the following specified semiautomatic firearms: (among many others) Avtomat Kalasnikov AK-47 type According to the gun dealer I spoke to, for all practical purposes, they only care about the 7.62x39 models. Of course it's screwed up! The law was written by ignorant legislators. Fortunately, the DPS has some leeway in their interpretation or the .223 or .308's couldn't be sold either. I really can't say for sure if 7.62x39 Saigas are sold in CT. Maybe someone out there knows.
  19. I just took a quick look at N.J. assault weapon law on the net. Even the State Police want nothing to do with the law's interpretation. ( Because the New Jersey State Police is not authorized to provide legal advice to private parties, you may wish to consult with independent legal counsel or conduct your own research._) One thing that is a no-no is a pistol grip protruding "conspicuously below the action" . If you do a trigger conversion, it looks like you would be in violation since it would require some sort of pistol grip. Looks like you're SOL on a significant conversion. I live in CT. I did a conversion on my .223 and then read the CT law. I locked the rifle up in my safe until I spoke with a gun dealer who explained the "practical" aspects of my State's disfunctional assault weapon law. He said that the State was mainly interested in 7.62 "Kalashnikov type" rifles because that was what they considered to be covered by the ban. I wouldn't want to make that assumption in your State. Oh, what would a conversion do for you? In N.J., not a whole lot I guess! Why bother because it would only be discovered by the "Obama Youth" in a few years and you'd have to go for reeducation.
  20. I have a POSP 4X24 on my .223 Saiga. It is plenty of scope for that rifle since the effective range of a 5.56/.223 round is about 200 yds. I don't always use it when I shoot the Saiga because I want to be familiar with the iron sights also. I shot it today as a matter of fact with the scope. The scope always holds zero from use to use and is easy to put on and remove. Today, it shot a fist sized group of 15 shots from a rest @ 75 yards using Wolf steel cased ammo. I highly recommend the scope. Unfortunately, the company I purchased mine from, www.nightvisionweb.com, does not appear to sell them any longer so I can't recommend a vendor. Good luck!
  21. JMHO You have your Saiga set up in a tactical mode for quick target acquisition. You won't be doing any benchrest shooting with that mag and fore grip. If it doesn't work for you like that you can always change the butt stock. Nice job by the way.
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