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  1. I found these two links. Check them out. Maybe this will help you. http://www.centerfiresystems.com/index.asp...amp;ProdID=1634 http://gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=92795419
  2. The only difference I can see is the stock. It's a matter of preference,I guess.
  3. My .223 Saiga came came with documentation from the factory that indicated a 108 mm group (4.25") @ 100 yds when they tested the rifle. The details of their test are not available. You can do quite a bit better than that with decent ammunition. I have shot 2" groups @ 100 yds with a POSP 4X24 scope.
  4. Great job Vjor, I wish I had your talent. That's an awesome weapon. I have another order in with Dinzag myself for a bolt-on lower handguard retainer. I'm happy to support someone who has created a niche industry. That's a great example of the American free enterprise system. Go Vjor! Go Dinzag!
  5. After every time out which usually averages about 50 shots.
  6. I've found tons of information on this site by just sitting back and searching previous posts. It seems by your pics that you you have a "thing" for SWAT/paramilitary stuff. Why not do a bit of research and try it yourself instead of dissing someone else's suggestion. For the price of your vest, you could probably do a conversion.
  7. pogy

    My .223

    Cheesy? Looks pretty cool. And it's all yours!!!
  8. This stock will only fit if you move the trigger forward. It comes with new upper and lower forend. You will need to use the original forend unless you press off your Front Sight Base.
  9. I put a Choate AK-47 Dragunov stock on my Saiga. It required only minor inletting with a Dremel tool to make it fit. http://www.tjgeneralstore.com/ak-47_stocks.htm http://www.riflestock.com/catalog_page.cfm...mp;NewProduct=0
  10. There is wisdom in what you say GDB. A question, though. Why, after 5 months as a member. have you chosen to break your silence on this topic?
  11. You got me curious about the pronunciation also. The link I found says it is pronounced "sigh- gah". I've been saying "say-gah". I guess I need to change!
  12. I agree 100% with devildog. Even if you don't own the tools, buy them for the $200 you would spend on gunsmithing. I had the same feelings as you but gave it a shot anyway. I'm glad I did. The rifle came out great and I did it myself with a hand drill, a cheap Dremel tool and a file or two. Go for it!!!
  13. Outstanding! Was that with or without a scope? A great Saiga group in any case.
  14. Carolyn McCarthy's husband was killed in a subway shooting a few years back. Since her election, the main thrust of her elective term is to introduce gun control legislation. It is obvious from her comments that if a law bans or restricts anything to do with firearms, whether it makes sense or not, she'll promote it , back it, co-sponsor it, shill it, hawk it, lie about it or make herself a fool about it ... Whatever it takes
  15. I don't think that the Russian scopes are that expensive. Considering that a .223's optimal range is about 250 meters, a POSP 4 X 24 with an integral mount goes for about $140-150 delivered. Russian (former U.S.S.R.) military products are high quality and very rugged. They are built to last and they do. After you have spent $50 on a good mount, try and find a quality optic for $90 -$100 that matches the POSP! Barska? Tasco? etc.
  16. pogy

    how to....

    HAMMER aka "French Wrench"
  17. I'm certainly interested in buying one with the rising price and scarcity of steel cased ammo. I'm doing a lot more reloading.
  18. My .223 Saiga worked flawlessly right out of the box. The reason I bought an AK was because of its reputation of reliability. You don't need any parts to make it work right. The stock trigger setup is adequate but the G2 conversion is much smoother IMHO. I bought an additional 10 rd mag last year but don't remember where from. I did find this link though. Good luck with your new Saiga!
  19. pogy

    Dented Brass?

    I'm just guessing but I would think that cutting the receiver cover farther back would cause the shells to eject to the side or rear. That could be a problem if you're in a foxhole and your comrade is to your right. If we're talking about a range, allowances could be made if it would save the brass. I'm hoping that some enterprising soul on this site would copy the Valmet buffer. I'm sure that they could make themselves a few bucks.
  20. Hi-Caps make it an assault rifle and subject to 922r! Do the mods!
  21. Geez BW! The guy is wrong. If he gets nailed, he''ll be the one who is able to "define" the term "fucked". You did what you could and kudos to you for doing it. All I'm saying is that "f_____g m___n isn't necessary especially on a forum that has been on the very cordial side to the Saiga uninitiated. My 2 cents
  22. pogy

    ATI Stock

    I would suggest using the Choate stock also. I did. It is superior to the ATI in that it has an integral recoil pad and feels more substantial. You will need to do the conversion though. It will give you 5 compliance parts right off the bat. Believe me, it is not that hard. I was apprehensive at the start but with minimal tools, it goes pretty quickly. The improved trigger action is well worth the effort. You will need a Dremel type tool. The most basic will do. A set of Cobalt drills is also a must. Spend a few hours reading about the trials and tribulations of previous converters and you will avoid most of the pitfalls.
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