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  1. Oh and yea to hell with gunbroker the people on there selling are just Rediculous on pricing and the people paying are even more Rediculous I guess gambling is an addiction for some not my cup of brew to gamble on shit you haven't even held in your hands to check over first. Or from a reputable dealer. Hell just the other day I saw a cheap WASR 10 not the 10/63 going for 700.00 are they just crazy or am I missing something here? I wouldn't pay more than 400.00 for one
  2. Thanks for the correction on my post I am typing on a I pad and the damn thing always wants to correct spelling to something else and I do not catch it. It likes to do weird things to me ...lol...
  3. West Virginia is pretty damn good when it comes to the second ammendment and it is also included in the states constitution. Rarely do we see a anti gun legislation go in and if it does it is shut down pretty fast here.i used to be in up state NY were I was stationed in the U.S. Army and after I was medically retired I got as far away as I could we rented our house out that we bought and everything and moved here there firearm laws were out of control it was like a six month wait just to get a pistol purchase permit and to many damn regulations on modern sporting rifles
  4. Hahhaahahhaha damn good one I'd be pissed man but she sure does drain all the juice out of the meat
  5. I live living in a FREE STATE WOOOT WOOIT Had to get it out lol seriously though all firearm owners need to move to a hand fool of states along with all American manufacturers and problem solved I seriously doubt state government would even fathom screwing with there residents second ammendment
  6. Wally is going to kill the gunshop my neighbor bought two of the sig magpul set ups one in OD and one all black each were only 900.00 what local shop can get lower pricing and the sits are really nice as well and just seen the other day there carrying quad rails,vertical grips , bipods and even black hawk spec-ops stocks for Remington and Mossberg shotguns there the none recoil reduction type though and they include a forend for like 70.00
  7. Mine has three Warthog for my favorite close air support platform. 35 was the last two numbers in my call sign. F for Fox wich was my primary MOS in the US Army I was a joint forward observer
  8. I hav the Vltor on my AK and I really like it QD sling holes storage compartment the full length of the tube and solid build also like the looks I put a Vltor Imod stock on it as well it's only rite to
  9. Same here I can't find any as well so I just out my order in any way cause hell I can not find the AGP 10 Rnd mags for less than that shipping was a little much for it but from what I've heard they ship just as fast as CSS we will see though CSS was next day
  10. MIdwest industries is the way to go and it is no 260.00 go to there site it's only 109.00 whoever told you 260.00 paid way to much. So for those looking for a great en- expensive micro red dot check out bushnells TRS-25 put it on my S-12 and it is awesome I'm goin to get another for my WASR and mount it to my Midwest industries side rail scope mount
  11. Ive seen a picture here some were some one had brass cased 12 gauge ammunition i have found the casings made by magyech I am curious though as to what the suggested loads are for the round and what slug to use thanks in advance.
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