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  1. I cant figurd out how to send a pic with my new cell phone.if ya msg me i can text ya the photo.
  2. Yes i do.i can take a pic in the morning and show ya it.
  3. Yes.that would be great.what kind of flash hider do you have? Surely i can find a gunsmith to install it.recommend anyone?
  4. Are you wanting the original wood stock that comes on the unconverted saiga 308? Mine had it and i put black synthetic on it amd now am converting it to a saiganov.the original wood is sitting there collecting dust.
  5. I am most likely going to have a gunsmith put it on.in fact most surely will af.ter reading other experience
  6. Im looking to upgrade my 308. Its an older one. Has eaa corp on the side. I am having it converted and adding dark horse svd stock. Now i need a flash hider. Its the closest ill come to a dragunov.
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