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  1. Yeah, and maybe I might find myself in a dirty little 3-way with Pelosi & Mrs. Clinton.......they would be soooo hot togther! YUCK!!!!! What a revolting thought!! It's enought to kill your appitite for a month!!!!!!
  2. The last .308 ammo I bought looked like 1982 surplus S&B. I paid $10 a box for it. There's a gun show near where I live next weekend & I'm planning to go. Hopefully the guy I bought both my Saigas from will be there & has the EXACT SAME ammo for $4.50 a box. Of course, the price could've gone up since the last time I saw him. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. I was actually going to get a Saiga in 30-'06, until I saw that it didn't look at all like .223, 7.62x39, or the .308. To me, it's a bit on the hideous side. I still want an M1 Garand, but a new one is mucho dinaro. According to the CMP web site all they have right now is the Rack Grade, all other grades are sold out. One good thing, they have lots of surplus 30-'06 ammo! The ammo description is interesting: the bullets attract magnets. Hmmmm!!!!!!
  4. That's GREAT news! I ordered a bunch of the CDNN used Orlites a few months ago, and IF these are in the same condition as the ones I got, they're the deal of the century! My mags were all like new! I would definitely check it out (call CDNN), if I needed Saiga mags. Can you post the part number & phone number from the catalog, so the folks here can follow up on this, if they want to? Thanks! ;>) Your wish is my command, but I can only come through on 50% of your request. CDNN is not showing a part number for this magazine or any others on page 66 of their new cata
  5. Unfortunately, the CDNN Galil Orlite mags have bumped up in price to $14.99: http://www.cdnninvestments.com/galil.html However, that is still an excellent price for a new, unissued 35-rd mil-spec rifle magazine. The 12-rd steel Galil mags are still about $10, and I like the two I bought, even though I had to work on the left-side feed lips to get them to function correctly in my Saiga. No problem whatsoever with the Orlites (& dinzag's bullet guide)... ;>) CURSES! The Law of Supply & Demand strikes another blow to cheap prices! UPDATE: I got a new CDNN Ca
  6. You'd be better off buying a few Orlite Galil mags from CDNN for $9.99 each & getting a bullet guide from Dinzag. You will have to do a very minor modification on the mag. There are posts on the forum that tell you what to do.
  7. After you get your rifle, check to see what kind of trunnion it has, flat or round. Then get with dinzag for a bullet guide for the rifle. Then, get a few Orlite Galil magazines from CDNN. They're about $10 each. You'll have to modify those mags a little so they'll work in the Saiga. I did all the work myself & I'm not too talented, so you shouldn't have any trouble. BTW, there are posts on the forum about the mag modifications. Good luck. Hylndr
  8. Oops! Thanks for bringing that up Bob. I have a very severe sinus headache this morning & it's affecting the "comprende" part of my brain, or else I would've caught it as well. The heavier bullet will change the figures for ft/lbs. Sorry for the mistake. Taking the new bullet weight (122 gr.) into account, here's the correction: 2250 fps - 1371 ft/lbs 2350 fps - 1496 ft/lbs
  9. WOW! Not only do you have a noticable drop in velocity, you've got one in knockdown as well. Here's the math using the 55 grain bullet: 3250 fps - 1290 ft/lbs of knockdown 3200 fps - 1251 ft/lbs of knockdown 2823 fps - 974 ft/lbs of knockdown ( macbeau's 16" Saiga ) 2350 fps - 675 ft/lbs of knockdown ( ironhead's 16" Saiga ) 2250 fps - 618 ft/lbs of knockdown ( ironhead's 20" Saiga ) This drop will explain why our troops are having trouble taking out the bad guys in Iraq with their 14" M4's. (velocity x velocity x bullet weight / 450240 = ft/lbs knockdown)
  10. I just did a check at CTD's web page & the only ammo they have by Brown Bear is 7.62 x 39, unless they're just not showing it. You may have to call & ask about availabilty. I found some Hansen .223 at a pawn shop near where I work for $4.50 a box, so you might want to check the pawn shops where you live to see what they have. (Disregard my suggestion if you've already done that.)
  11. Actually, you don't need to "build up" the mag catch, if you don't want to. The standard conversion cookbook... http://www.cross-conn.com/Saiga_Conversion/Step_5.htm ...suggests that you shorten the front trigger guard 'tang.' If you know you are going to be using only, or mostly, Galil Orlites (like yours truly - I bought more than I'll ever need when they were $5 each ;>), you can leave the front trigger guard tang 'long,' which allows the 'tang' to function as a 'filler' between the mag catch & the bottom of the receiver. In other words, you can make the Orlites fit 'rock
  12. My experience with Hansen ammo was with some 7.62 x 54. I had a problem reloading the case after about 4 times. I still have a few of my reloaded rounds with the familiar "NNY" on them, although the N's were backwards. I'll second your thoughts on safety.
  13. I'll say right upfront that I do identify with your way of doing business. I had a run-in with a customer service rep at Bushmaster (a complete idiot - I can provide details upon request) a few years ago, which is one reason (the other being superior product ;>) why I do all of my AR business with ArmaLite. (By the way, ArmaLite is 'Ichiban - Number One!' ;>) On the other hand, I won't insult anyone who does business with Bushmaster - apparently they market an acceptable product, if you can believe the majority of posts on-line. As far as ammo goes, I think (and it's just my
  14. Federal ammo, phooey! I wouldn't use that shit if my life depended on it. I had a run-in with Federal a number of years ago about some 7.62 x 39 ammo. The CS rep was an arrogant SOB. I vowed then NEVER to knowingly use any ammo/product made by Federal from that day on because of that guys attitude. I've had good luck with Winchester in the past. It's a good thing there wasn't a misfire because you could've been hurt.
  15. Glad you mentioned that Dinzag. I was wondering if you were going to have to do any mods on the steel ones you had. I do know that the rear catch on the orlites needs to be built up just a bit to keep them from moving. I'm working on getting the needed parts so I'll be in compliance with the regs. BTW, where are the orlite mags made?? I didn't see anything on mine to indicate this.
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